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  1. Sup, has anyone ever done this? I'm 99% sure i'm going to be doing this for the majority of the next year or two and want to know what to expect. Not sure if this is a good spot to look for fellow 3rd shifters.
  2. That's me. I close everyday I work. It's not that bad of a shift, it's much more quiet and calm(unless it's weekends). Just watch your back more and be more aware of your work place's security procedures. Outside of work though, it's best to go straight to sleep and get the amount of hours you need. Staying up after getting home, may result in sleeping even later than you planned, and getting less sleep, because before you know it, gotta get ready for work again. That's all the simple stuff really, I've worked every shift and find that they are all nearly the same.
  3. What time do you generally try to sleep and wake up? Do you go right to sleep when you get home and wake up early for work, or do you unwind a bit when you get home and sleep right on time to get ready?
  4. I get distracted easily...so at certain times I sleep late and wake up late, not the best thing to do. I try to unwind a bit when I get home, just to relax myself for about 30-60 minutes then head to bed. Afterwards I wake up and start my day, I usually try to get an hour nap before work, just to make sure I won't dose off at work.
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  5. Okay, thanks man.
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  6. What you doing now?
  7. The main goals is to realize when you want sleeping hours. When i worked 3rd shift we ended a lot of nights at the bars opening up at 6am (HELLO Wisconsin) and it was fun, but made for a rough first few hours at work the next day. I didnt enjoy the 3rd shift so much because i would oversleep, and it became 3-4 days a week i would pretty much only work, drink, then sleep and wake up just in time to start work again. That wasn't fun, but the pay was pretty dope.

    Do what works best for you, a routine is the best idea IMO. If you need 2 hours to cool down, search for a movie to get after work at 6am that you want to watch. Hell, i used to get docs i KNEW i would fall asleep to on my xbox youtube and rock that out. You'll figure it out, just realize if you are oversleeping or even undersleeping, it needs to get fixed right away before it becomes a problem that lasts months instead of days/week.
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  8. lol I love the bar idea. That's my favorite way to pass out.
  9. I agree when I used to close all I would do is drink sleep work
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  10. Not only that but closing was the best time of my teens. If it wasn't for that I wouldn't have done some of the crazy shit I have
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  11. One of my brothers did 3rd shift for a little bit. He works as a hospital security guard so he gets weird hours sometimes. He would work like 9/10PM till 4/5AM. I think he just came home and went to bed after work and woke up at like 1/2 PM
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  12. I haven't had to work a late shift like that since my Army days. Good luck man. Stock up on Red Bull and 5 Hour Energy I guess.
  13. Prepare an IV of energy drinks stat
  14. I've been working 3rd shift for most of the past 13 years. I'm a night person, so it just fits me better. The one thing I learned that was most important, is don't get yourself caught up in needing energy drinks and coffee to keep you going. It's one thing to need a little boost from time to time, it's another entirely to need to keep pounding that stuff back to keep yourself going. Then it's not the lateness of the shift getting to you, it's your body's dependence on the caffeine.
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