4/26/12 Impact Viewership and Rating

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  1. Credit to TV By The Numbers

    150,000 viewers more, good enough, but still bad compared to last year.
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  2. This.
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  3. Good enough? They scraped into the 1's, last year I remember TNA marks saying they've nearly caught SmackDown. But I guess improving from last week is a start.
  4. Against the NFL Draft, I'm floored the rating was this high.
  5. I too expected the trend of declining ratings to continue when up against the draft. OFN must be a huge draw afterall Crayo
  6. Not sure if serious. I never knew the draft was on the same time though, next week will be the indicator.

    When do they plan putting on the show an hour earlier?
  7. End of next month.

    And OFN won't be on next week, it's only once a month.
  8. Correction:
    - The April 26th episode of TNA's Impact Wrestling scored a 0.99 cable rating with 1,453,000 viewers. The replay from the previous week that aired at 7pm EST scored a 0.39 rating with 509,000 viewers.
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