4/5 Impact Reviews

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  1. Pros:
    -Bobby Roode was hilarious in 3 or 4 different segments
    -3 very good TV matches (Angle/Hardy, MCMGs return, & AJ/Storm)
    -Bully/Aries segment was amazing
    -Decent KOs match
    -Lot's of build towards Lockdown
    -No Garrett Bischoff

    -Too much emphasis on Sting/HOgan/Bischoff/Flair
    -Velvet winning the KOs match & Title shot (but we all saw it coming)
    -Wasn't big on the Anderson/Roode match.. too short and a stupid finish
    -Tazz and Tenay were even worse than usual
    -EY/ODB (segment was quick though)

    Grade: 6/10

    Lockdown is looking pretty stacked:

    Team Bischoff vs Team Hogan (only listed because apparently one Bischoff or the other has to 'leave' )
  2. Hate Eric Young!
    But pretty good Impact impact to say least.
  3. Thanks for the heads-up, now I'm sure I'll be downloading this week's Impact. IMMEDIATELY.

    Promising Impact. RIGHT. THERE.

    VELVET SKY is CHAMPION = Gonna celebrate tonight! :emoji_grin:
  4. I give this show a 5/10, the wrestling was really good and THE GUNS ARE BACK! WOO! But, again, leaving the show you really start to dread the bad instead of enjoying the good. Robbie E vs Devon and MCMG vs Joe/Magnus have been confirmed on the website... because that's how TNA promotes PPV matches.

    But I feel like giving a big freaking rant. So if you don't mind, here you go.

    -Velvet Sky is over as hell, but that has nothing to do with her wrestling. She's Sunny 2.0, but it should be an improvement over the Madison Rayne match due to the crowd, but I was really frustrated by the actual wrestlers not getting a shot. Still, she's over, so we can't complain too much. These type of matches cannot be taken seriously because of the asinine rules... GAH!

    -God... I may have to skip next week's episode. Please fire Eric Young! I can't stand this guy. He's not funny, he's not entertaining, he's a great wrestler, but he's too busy locking up with the ref, doing cartwheels, taking his pants off and being a jackass to show it. Get this assclown off my TV! This wedding next week will be absolutely ghastly. Hey Sarita! Rosita! Angelina! Winter! Tara! Tessmacher! Please save us from this crap! Maybe hit him with a chair and knock some fucking sense into this guy!

    -Why is AJ Styles not being pushed?

    -And, then... Oh, brother. I've never been a Teddy Long hater, most weeks he just walks out at the end of the opening segments and say "We gonna have a tag-team match, playa!" and then only be seen in backstage segments that actually make sense (and Aksana)... They did the same with non-Joker Sting, but noooo, brother! We've got to have Hogan overshadow the roster and give him 138 segments, brother. Even Hogan marks can't justify this guys getting this much screen time.

    -And then... Eric Bischoff. They've tried and tried to cover up this loophole, but they never do: In kayfabe, why is he there? What position does he have? What are they paying him for? They had all this crap about Flair begging Bischoff to show up, why? What does Bischoff have anything to do with this? Good grief! He has an iron-clad contract, so Sting couldn't fire him, but Hogan can... What? Don't even get me started on the out-of-kayfabe stuff... Oh, brother.

    -There is one acceptable result to the PPV match, that's a double pin so both teams lose. You have two feet, kick them both out!
  5. This is a perfect example of why I don't watch iMPACT live any more. With YouTube I have the handy permissions to skip past every single Hogan segment, Eric Bischoff segment, Robbie E segment, Garrett Bischoff segment, all the CRAP that comes with the good. I'll watch A double vs Calf, Angle vs Hardy (which they shown on TV when the PPV is soon? Pfft), Guns & Styles vs Storm. No idea why Styles is in such a crap position in TNA atm.

    Once again, the ratings will probably be shit this week because Hogan is an anti-draw, and I hope they are. They need to realise that you can't run to an old washed up has been to build up the ratings, produce a good show and market the shit out of it.
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  6. Crayo, don't forget that we had Kane Vs. Orton on Smackdown.
    2 days after their match at Wrestlemania, yo!
  7. That's after WM, it was to finish the feud (I guess) and to have Randy go over. Why put on a match people are paying for a few days before the PPV?
  8. The ratings had a small bump to 1.12, still not up to Russo standards but an improvement. I blame the show being good for that.
  9. Is that still down considerably from this time last year?
  10. Impact on 4/7/11 drew a 1.2.
    This is the highest rating since the February 23 show, and it didn't compete against basketball.
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