4 more shot in NY

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jonathan, Dec 24, 2012.

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  1. 4 firemen shot whilst attending a 911 call. 2 dead.

  2. What's with all these shootings!?: :sad:
  3. Your stupid gun rules.
  4. Laws^ but yeah they are pretty dumb. The only thing we can do is ask for an assault rifle ban though for the time being. The NRA wants everyone armed because they think that will cause less violence. Great logic huh?
  5. Rest In Peace these 4 people.
  6. For the love of god Obama ban the guns in your country this is the only way to stop all these deaths
  7. I like how dumbasses like BLFFL think the president can just clap his hands wiggle his nose and BOOM guns are banned
  8. She's stupid. I appologise on behalf of her.
  9. This is how i get in trouble here.

    THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF MURDERS DAILY you fucking idiots. NYC alone has pretty horrible numbers, most of which are personal attacks, including weapons/knives. If anything this shows that more people should defend themselves. If you think murderers are going to say "fuck it" when they can't buy a gun anymore, you need to take some serious consideration on your educational value in life.

    Seriously. I'll even throw out im a total conservative, and dont buy into the shithole Republican/democrat angle, we have nothing to gain from people voting like it's American Idol. Stop demanding other people do things to protect you, and do what is best for you and your family to protect yourself.

    Those who are willing to sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither freedom nor security. - Ben Franklin.
  10. Read this quote regarding this incident from CNN.

    People can still get guns even if they're illegal.
  11. That's the point. I really disagree with how easy it is in America to obtain lethal weaponry like automatics and magazines, why does anyone outside of the military need those weapons? Fair enough, pistols are fine and anyone saying ban all guns will be disappointed, that will never happen; but there is no need at all for lethal weaponry like that. As soon as you turn 18 in America, you can walk inside a gun store, buy a gun, and leave with that gun... American's answer to their current gun problem is have more guns in school to protect themselves against the idiots with guns killing people, this honestly reminds me of family guy or south park with its intended dumb logic.

    You deal with this simply. Increase the age where you can legally buy a gun to like 25. Have it so convicted felons, people with a history of mental health issues and anyone UNDER the age set can't touch a gun, and if they do illegally own a gun they will be punished to the full extent of the law. There needs to be stricter outcomes to those who own guns illegally.

    I saw a fact the other say that 8 people or something are killed by guns in the UK, less than 30 in Germany, less than 40 in Sweden, but over 10,000 people are killed by guns in America a year. It's something like that anyway, but that in itself is ridiculous.
  12. Because the weapon is what makes the murderer. Sorry but i disagree. I think some weapons are overkill, but shooting them at ranges is really fun, and if you think taking a gun away is going to stop robberies, murders, and other things of that nature, i dont know if we are looking at the same statistics/profiles.
  13. I'll post ITT when I get home from work. Aids going full retard though.
  14. Yeah im doing a horrible job of explaining myself. I dont disagree something should be done, i just think there are more important things. Felons are not allowed to purchase guns legally, and with the last big tragedy including guns taken from his mother, i dont think age is the big deal. I think we should ahve a better program to help the mentally unstable, who make up a majority of our homeless, and try to tackle that instead. Gun control money to me seems like a waste. Random, but id rather see a lot of money funneled into areas that are most important, over this.
  15. The weapon doesn't make the murderer, but the weapon makes it 400000% easier for them to do more damage. A random thug walking down the street stabbing someone is unavoidable, a loner kid picking up a freaking machine gun and going to a school killing 20 kids is.

    No the big deal is how a mother justifies having 6 semi-automatic rifles in her household.
  16. I wont disagree. The deal is there should be better protection, and the process should be tougher, but banning guns is a horrible idea. Putting the gun money in the black market is a horrible idea, that is my only issue. This is all being shoved down our throats like the patriot act. Always under a good premise, but i think people deserve to do what they want. If you arent a piece of shit and want to own guns, great. But i also feel the same about drugs, even having to wear seatbelts.

    ETA: gun safety classes and concealed carry also could have avoided, either way he was breaking in.
  17. Banning guns isn't the argument people who are against American gun laws are trying to project. It's banning lethal weaponry like semi-automatics, magazines and weaponry similar to that that has NO need to be in households, or the streets, or anywhere outside of the army. Protect yourselves with single-fire pistols, not AK-47's.

    As for accessing guns: increase the age limit anyway, actually try and detect kids with mental health issues in schools instead of classing them as "weird" and moving on - banning anyone with a history of mental health from using any gun of course - and vastly increase the punishments for breaking your new gun laws.
  18. This.

    For most people lately, banning is the main issue.
  19. God look at my life, it's 3:10am on Christmas Day and I'm debating gun laws for a country I don't even live in.

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