News 4 NXT stars set to come up soon?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Aug 9, 2014.

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    :yes: It could not happen soon enough! And maybe with the firing of ADR it will happen even sooner???

    Are you guys as excited about this as I am?
    @Butters! I know you like your NXT stars
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  2. Omg :yes:

    All Four of them fucking deserve it, however does this mean Bayley may be the next women's champion?! :yes:
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  3. Indeed - and what does this mean for the WWE Diva's championship scene if Charlotte moves up? Will she be like Paige and go straight to winning it? Or at least be absorbed into the current feud there somehow. I enjoy watching Charlotte in the ring.

    And Zayn :mog: finally! Can't wait to see him on RAW.

    I knew the Ascension would move up eventually. Took long enough though.
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  4. Zayn is the only one who needs it. Ascension need a better moveset/expansion of their gimmick, Charlotte is nowhere near ready. She's still green in the ring and Natalya is her only opponent that she can solidly work with. I'd say take Sasha Banks up before Charlotte if anything.
  5. Honestly I'd say Early 2015 might be smarter for at least 2 of the 4, Zayn having a huge RR and a feud into WM along with the post WM firings might give them the TV time they deserve. WWE already have NXT talent floundering around doing absolutely nothing, why add more so soon?
  6. It is Zayn's time, isn't it. I'm ready for a legit organic tag team again. The Uso's are the dirtiest piece of trash I've ever seen in my life.
    Ready or not, I'd welcome the Ascension. Being green never usually stops the Empire from putting cats in prime spots, does it?
    Charlotte will be another star that gets the monkeys popping. "Ooooh, OMG, it's Ric Flair's kid, FTW. Wooooooo". Annoying, but its WWE.
  7. Being green will get your green light turned red real quick like in Kevin Dunns world. Look at how many stars got fucked over real quick like after a shitty match or two max, regardless of who they faced or were stuck with.

    Xavier Woods looked great, put him with R-truth for no fucking reason and have him job.

    Oh shit that didnt go well, back to NXT.
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  8. That doesn't mean I don't like car wrecks. I'd rather the car wreck take place, than be bored and not have it take place at all.
    Does anybody else remember when D'Lo Brown went D'Lo on Droz?
    Can anyone recall Shawn Hernandez rag-dolling Dougie Williams in TNA? You're supposed to take bumps directly on the neck, right?
    Owen Hart's pile drivers were real smooth. Performing one on a man bigger than yourself is quite a car wreck, especially if the dude is worth millions and millions of dollars.
  9. Well, Zayn is ready. Ascension should work one or two real feuds before going up, they're been doing only squashes for quite a while now, probably gotta work longer matches before going. Charlotte, well, for Divas standards she's fine. I really don't care when people get called up because most of the time I enjoy them more in NXT anyway, Ascension and Charlotte I'd hold off for a while, but all of them can end up well if they book them properly.
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  10. you misread my post. Those dudes coming up and getting one or two bad matches = burial and future TNA star.

  11. I hear this Charlotte deal every time someone refers to her.
  12. You may be right, but I don't see it that way. Future endeavoring them after the investment the Empire has made seems excessive.
  13. Hi, have you met Adam Rose?
  14. What? :lol1:
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  15. Pretty sure we've had 4 "Ascension is being called up soon!" threads by now lol.
  16. Zayn is so ready. Look forward to him facing a few ppl Ziggler being one. That could be a fantastic match that could help elevate Ziggler as we'll.
  17. I don't get your reference. If he's still employed and on the main roster, what's the relevance of this post?
  18. They have an opportunity with Rose still with the fact he could become comedic mid card relief with ease. Also he is talented enough to pull it off and do so whilst entertaining young and older fans.
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  19. Smart take. This cat understands what he's talking about.
  20. lower midcard MAX.

    Having a job in WWE means jack shit. You want to see Generico facing R-truth in a feud? lol come on let's get real.
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