Ring of Honor 4 ROH/NJPW Supershows confirmed for 2015

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Feb 25, 2015.

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  2. And best thing? No NY and their piece of shit "fans". Although Philly comes dangerously close. For business relationship's sake, I hope New Japan jobs out one of their Big Three. For example, let Okada lose to Lethal for the TV strap.
  3. I can see Liger taking on Lethal either at one of these shows or the Supercard in Cali as well. Would be a nice feather in Lethal's cap.
  4. Ah, great news. ROH and New Japan put together is a win as always.
  5. WOTW in Philly is sold out.
  6. Is it gonna be iPPV or something or just VOD?
  7. Big news from out of ROH offices.

    War of the Worlds is now a 2 night event! That makes 4 ROH/NJPW supershows this year.
  8. Sweet!
    Is WotW going to be iPPV or something or just a live event? (If you have that info)
  9. They are listed as VOD. So most likely delayed IPPV (they start airing the moment the show ends.

    ROH are looking to get out of pure IPPV since they can't find a stable platform.
  10. If Joe is still around for these, I hope they do Styles/Daniels/Joe for the IWGP. Just limit Joe to power moves and let the other two call the rest.
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  11. I support the above idea.
  12. I see. Well, I probably wouldn't watch live anyway, so good news.
  13. Oh, heck yes! Darn good news.
  14. The first announced match is for the May 12 show and is the battle of the bookers. Gedo vs Delirious.
  15. Second May 12 match: Strong vs Kushida
  16. Roddy/KUSH will be gr8.
  17. We can add Lethal vs Watanabe and Kingdom vs Bucks vs Addiction to the May 12 card.
    I assume they are title matches.
  18. Elgin vs Naito and reDRagon vs Liger/Tana also.
  19. DemBoys vs. Nakamura & Okada.

    Styles vs. Cole.
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