4 way number 1 contenders match set

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. 3MB are going to Wrestlemania baby!
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  2. Dear God,



  3. Saw the spoilers for this match. Let's just say....... nope....... not gonna say it.
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  4. I'll just assume that The Real Americans will become the #1 contenders, especially after Cesaro defeated one of the Usos on Raw this past Monday to jump start the feud between the two teams.
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  5. Spot on...
  6. Wrong on all accounts boys. Pretty sure there was no winner
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  7. Reigns wasn't in the match , odd thats what the report said. I thought it was more odd he wasn't in the match with Rollins TBH.

    Speaking of Rollins, how bout that kick he took from Cesaro? Good shit lol
  8. Haven't watched the actual match yet.
  9. Oh shit, my bad
  10. Is cool. Spoilers tend to don't mean jack to me. And Rollins selling something amazingly is nothing new.
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  11. I'm the same way with spoilers really. I still like to watch it.

    You wanna see a good sell. Watch Ziggler take the steps to his face in his match with Sandow. Well done if it wasn't just a real mistake lol.
  12. Of course, that's the art of the great sell. If you wonder if it was a mistake and the guy actually got hurt, that's good selling.

  13. Then it was damn well done, I tell you what
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  14. Ziggler is a good seller when he doesn't go 150 miles per hour. He's an excellent bumper but often in big matches he forgets to sell it long term. The MITB match being a prime example. He gets thrown out of the ring and into and over the announcing table, landing hard on his back and head. Yet gets up and runs into the ring, climbs the ladder and wins like nothing happened.

    Then there are matches where he is excellent, like the double turn.
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  15. Well in this instance I think its more about HOW it happened then the damage sustained by Ziggler, you'll see if you watch it
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