Religion 42% Of Americans Believe God Created Humans 10,000 Years Ago

Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by Extraterrestrial, Jun 4, 2014.

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  1. A new Gallup poll shows that 73% of Americans subscribe to creationism in one form or another, including 42% who take a literal interpretation of Genesis. This is a result that's changed very little over the past three decades.

    The poll, conducted between May 8 to 11, asked respondents to identify which of the following three statements came closest to their own views on the origin and development of human beings:

    1. Human beings have developed over millions of years from less advanced forms of life, but God guided this process
    2. Human beings have developed over millions of years from less advanced forms of life, but God had no part in this process
    3. God created human beings pretty much in their present form at one time within the last 10,000 years or so
    The results: 42% said God created humans in their present form, 31% said humans evolved with God guiding, and a paltry 19% said God had no part in the process. That means 73% of Americans don't understand Darwinian natural selection — a stand-alone process that does not require supernatural intervention.

    By contrast, 22% of people in Canada and the UK believe in literal creationism. By contrast, in Norway, only 8% still believe in creationism.

    The number of Americans who believe God had no part in the process has doubled since 1999.

    Not surprisingly, people who claimed to be unfamiliar with the rudiments of evolution were more likely to say God was involved. At the same time however, and quite arrogantly, people claiming to be either very or somewhat familiar — nearly 70% of the respondents — still claimed that God was involved:

    Frank Newport of Gallup goes over the implications:

    Between 40% and 47% of Americans over the past 32 years have said the creationist explanation for the origin of human life best fits their personal views. These Americans tend to be highly religious, underscoring the degree to which many Americans view the world around them through the lens of their religious beliefs. Those who adopt the creationist view also tend to have lower education levels, but given the strong influence of religious beliefs, it is not clear to what degree having more education or different types of education might affect their views.

    A number of states have been embroiled in fights in recent years over the degree to which evolution and creationism should be included in their public school curricula. Residents in the South are more likely to believe in the creationist view of the origin of humans than are those living in other regions, making it clear why the fights to have creationism addressed in the public schools might be an important political issue in that region.

    Still, few scientists would agree that humans were created pretty much in their present form at one time 10,000 years ago, underscoring the ongoing discontinuity between the beliefs that many Americans hold and the general scientific consensus on this important issue.

    More here.

    Thoughts? What do YOU believe?
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  2. I was raised in church so I do believe in creationism.... but I also believe in evolution.. now how can that be? I believe that each day described in the book of Genesis is not a 24 hour period but rather a period of hundreds of millions of years. According to scientists Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old. Humans haven't even been on this planet 1 millionth of that time.. once the planet was able to sustain life the evolution process began... this was approximately 1 billion years after the creation of Earth.

    That's my thoughts.
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  3. Americans are fucking stupid and indecisive, end of story.
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  4. Humans are stupid and change opinions.
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  5. I was raised Catholic and told my mom to suck it when I was 12. (lol) I came to terms with my own beliefs over the years. Honestly, I can give a rats ass how long humans have been around... Long enough to be complete assholes and judgmental douches to each other. I believe in creation. I always will. I also believe in evolution, not that humans evolved from monkeys (Apes?) but animals (and humans) constantly adapt over years of climate change, through process and actual technology. But for real, I think if anything humans have de-evolved in the sense that they have grown to become self-centered and living only by senses. I am fascinated with animals because I feel they have that connection to God that so many humans have lost. Seeing how a single animal is capable of loving a human beyond needs of food and shelter has always touched me in a place no man or woman ever will. When I see animals, nature, life outside the self centered circle of being a typical human being, that is where I find my faith and why I believe in God. Not because I was raised that way or because I was brainwashed to. Hell, my own brother is an atheist. Being raised to believe in God doesn't mean someone will always believe or even willingly believe on their own. I don't know, thats just my two-cents on the subject.
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  6. Wow...but hey, Norway!
  7. Pretty sure I typed this exact thing in another thread just like this, but oh well.

    I do believe in a god. I however don't believe things like you must go to church and things like that. I believe that every single person should develop his or her own belief on god/a higher power.

    By the way, it doesn't matter to me what a person believes. If they believe in what I believe, that is cool. If not, that's cool also. I'm not going to push my beliefs on you and fight with you over it.
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  8. Are all three believers in this thread American?
  9. :facepalm: <--- my thoughts
  10. Take it easy pal. There are plenty of---- err, well at least I'm not stupid!

    as for this thread, lol.

    I don't immediately write off all religious people as dumb (though it makes me question..) but if you are a fundamentalist, I really, really really have to question your logic. Hell, nah, if you are a fundamentalist I think you are stupid no offense.
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  11. Eyup.
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  13. I understand the disdain and mockery toward religious people...

    But I have to say that the belief in a higher power has helped out many people.... whether God exists or not is irrelevant.. the fact that some people who never had anything to believe in can have their belief in a higher power as a stepping point to a better life is a good thing. I know that religion has been blamed for wars.. but it's not religion.. it's people's understanding of those religions... wars are based on what people think is right or wrong... and defending whichever side they believe in... if religion did not exist wars would still exist because right and wrong would still exist. I've seen in person and watched video testimonies of a ton of different people who were delivered from drug addiction, alcohol addiction, sexual depravity, and many other sicknesses because of a belief in a higher power, and not just Christianity, but also Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, and many other religions.

    Anyway, "religion" is about belief in a higher power... to be honest the word religion is overused. Not everyone who believes in a higher power is religious.

    That's my rant... take it as you will.
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  14. I'm okay with people believing in a higher power, and if that belief helps them in life then great.

    But things like taking the bible literally word for word, discounting science because it's not Jesus approved, forcing laws because the bible (or whatever other holy book) is law, murder in the name of a religion, etc just doesn't make much sense.
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  15. My wife always says its not religion itself she has a problem with, it's "organized" religion. I tend to agree with that statement and stay away from any organized gatherings.

    IMO as soon as others realized they could use peoples beliefs to subvert and control them it was on like Donkey Kong.
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  16. Yea, it's more of a laughing stock here than it is anything. There's probably more of a chance in Norwegians believing in a devil than believing in a god creating the universe. You know, 'cause of the metal culture~

    Join Norway in being elite atheists. A fedora comes free of charge.
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  17. I agree... the day I turned 18 I promised myself I would never step into a church building again unless I was attending a wedding or funeral. I never felt comfortable in worship services.. everything methodically planned out... it seemed like a cult. Almost 20 years later and I have not set foot in a church building.
  18. Hail Norway !

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  19. Definitely the point about legislation is the biggest problem. "Separation of church and state" my ass. Half of the laws in this shitty country are based off of christians pushing their own shitty morals on other people.
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  20. Anyway I can move in with you? Cause fedora for free.
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