5,000 posts. We thank you.

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  1. WWE Forums has now reached 5,000 posts. These stats are very good for a forum up for just over 2 weeks now. Normally you would expect around 1-3k posts for a brand new site in its first month. Some have more, some have less. We have achieved more, which is a great for a forum like this, where we require content to progress.

    Good thing is 3198 of those posts are in wrestling sections. That's great, on other forums I've ran it's easy to get overwhelmed in content by other sections like off-topic, feedback and introductions. But we're doing great here, and I urge all you wrestling-fans to keep going!

    Once again, we thank the loyal members who keep visiting this site day in day out and of course those new members signing up and sticking around.

    So let's celebrate with the celebratory dance!


  2. no problamo
  3. You're welcome.
  4. Woot. Congratulations everyone!
    Here's to another 5000!
  5. :taz::taz:

    No one else doing the dance.
  6. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:arty:

    Well done guys :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. :boring:
  8. Haha great post. Need to find a clapping emoticon now.

  9. Thank you for providing the site.
  10. Hopefully we get 100 members before 6000 posts or it will just seem weird.
  11. I wouldn't. It's a good sign that we have lesser members than most but more posts. It means people aren't signing up and just leaving, it means they want to stay and be active which projects one thing, that we're doing something right here.
  12. :groupwave1::groupwave1:

    Yeah, this is the coolest forim fir me on the web. WWE has been a big part of my life, viewer wise anyway.
  13. Epic, glad to hear that. Likewise for me and most people on here I imagine :lol:.
  14. Hey RKO, where are you from or you're country?
  15. I'm from the US lol. Why do you ask?
  16. Quite an achievement, goodjob guys!
  17. Thank 13th :emoji_slight_smile:.