5 Creepy Unexplainable E-Mails People Have Received

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by The GOAT, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. I find shit like this pretty interesting:

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  2. Shit like this makes me thankful you're still here. I miss Brita and Shitlips.
  3. I miss a lot of people who aren't around anymore, or at least around as much (Mustafar Reginald, Lady Deathbane, Deth, Brit... I wish JC would come around more often as well.)

    And who is Shitlips (Crayo, I assume)?
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  4. You should watch some of Rob Dyke's videos. He posts stuff like this.
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  5. Been subscribed to his channel for months. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  6. I usually wonder how they stop investigating some deaths that seem suspicious from the beginning.
    Like this one where the Vancouver student died in a hotel. (last case)

    Everything seemed to point towards someone was stalking her, etc.
    But they ruled it accidental suicide or something.
  7. Yeah, I find the Elisa Lam case pretty fascinating. I even made a thread about it here earlier this year: https://wweforums.net/the-strange-case-of-elisa-lam.t42229/

    The official story is that she had a severe bi-polar disorder (confirmed by her parents) and that somehow explains that freaky shit she was doing with her hands. But there's still lies a bunch of unanswered questions, such as how she got up to the rooftop without anyone noticing, how she managed to close the heavy lid of the water tank behind her after falling/jumping in, why her phone was never recovered anywhere, what the deal was with someone updating her blog three months or so after her death, why the elevator footage has seemingly been tampered with, etc. It's a pretty compelling case all around.
  8. Jesus. I can't remember his other name, but he was always awesome for the UFO stuff.

    I love Rob Dyke, and he has been on a tear lately with the addition of the serial killer files. I'm not into that whole "Rob Mob" deal, however.

    ETA: You called him by his correct username before, it's Deth. I miss Dat Kid, LDB, and a few others, but Crayo not so much. I'd like to see him around, but if he was posting now it'd only be about FIFA and MikeDawt would come back. Plus that other member #4 douche. Pass.
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  9. This is creepy as heck. Makes me not want to check my e-mails.
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