5 Potential Paul Heyman Guys

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Jun 12, 2014.

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  1. What a terrible list this was lol. But for fun, who else is there that is a viable candidate for becoming a Paul Heyman Guy that wasn't mentioned on this list?

    For some reason, I can see Dean Ambrose meshing well with Heyman. And don't give me any gruff about how he doesn't need a mouthpiece because wrestler/manager combinations don't always require existing only because the wrestler can't speak well enough on his own. Ask Rick Rude or Mr. Perfect... well, wait, you can't, they're both dead, but you get the point. They didn't need a mouthpiece, but they were paired with Bobby Heenan because the WWF felt they would have great chemistry as a heel duo and that it would benefit both men's careers, and it did (Rude was also a major part of Paul's Dangerous Alliance stable in WCW.) I envision the same possibly being true of Ambrose and Heyman together as well.

    Also, the fact that they're posting this video makes me wonder if they're considering possible replacements for Cesaro since they might already be pulling the trigger on the Cesaro/Lesnar rivalry for the Summer.
  2. No more Heyman guys. Over kill.
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  3. What a joke of a list lol.

    But the idea with mouthpieces isn't so much "this dude is shit on the mic lets give him a mouthpiece and wheee!", as we see with Lesnar he has his own drawing ability due to his physical style and his "don't fuck with me" attitude that you can just feel whenever his music hits (while him talking does away with said aura). The issue with all the other Heyman guys like RyBaxel was that they had none of that, and there's nobody on the roster that really does who needs the mouthpiece.
  4. I think Heyman works well with guys who can already talk. It gives them an aura of "I don't have to do the talking because Heyman can do it for me". That's the way it worked when he was managing Punk (who has well above average mic skills) and I think putting someone like Dolph Ziggler or Damien Sandow with him could be a very successful pairing.

    And, "no more Heyman guys"? Really? He should have four or five wrestlers in his stable. So should Coulter. So should Lana. In fact, there should probably be more managers, not fewer (Booker T doesn't seem to do much; how about bringing Brad Maddox back to be a manager or having Ricardo return (sans mask, of course) to manage Sin Cara or a debuting Kalisto or the Ascension).

    They're all good at what they do. They should let them do it.

  5. Booker T should be back to the commentary booth. I have no idea why he's not there (I know he works the pre-show deal but come on now).
  6. I wouldn't mind this or seeing him as a manager (although him being a manager could bring mention of the fact that he works so much with his promotion in the Houston area, which seems to make it a natural fit). Basically, I just think he's too good at too many aspects of the wrestling business (particularly the performance aspect) not to be more visible.

  7. Yeah, no doubt that the guy should be doing something (perhaps he's agenting matches? Don't know). Him as a manager would be cool, just felt like mentioning he should announce because I'm a mark for him as a color guy. Back in the day this was the thing I looked forward to the most in Smackdown, Booker T. He was awesome.
  8. Heyman guys are all flopping. The only two that didn't were already made by the time Heyman got to them on this run. Ryback, Perfect Jr, Cesaro all did terribly with Heyman leading them.
  9. Terrible list.

    This would be mine, what I'd like to see: Seth Rollins/Dean Ambrose/Ziggler/Luke Harper (once he's done with the Wyatts)/Daniel Bryan (Yes, DBry+Heyman=Epic heel turn)
  10. Orton and Heyman

    You having that one lads
  11. Move over FTJ, BLFFL has a new soulmate.

    Terrible list, and personally I think him being advocate for Bork is enough for now. Any time he comes out there is going to be controversy, why does it have to be holding some wrestlers hand doing his bidding?

    Summer Rae would work if anyone gave one fuck about the diva's division, bland paige wasnt running shit, and if we didn't know whenever AJ returns we will get more of her shit. If Summer gets a boob job and Bork tires of Sable, I might buy it.

    Going with Zack Ryder because just because.
  12. The only problem I have with Orton + Heyman is the fact that "Heyman Guys" are usually the rebels as opposed to the "prototype wrestlers". Orton is a prototypical pro wrestler.

    Now (and as I usually say things), if it was booked right, it could work very well. Orton's in-ring talent and natural charisma (cue the haters complaining about Orton's lack of charisma....which just goes to show they don't know what charisma actually is) combined with Heyman's oratory could be a very solid combination.

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  13. I don't think Cesaro is doing so bad under heyman. I mean, the chants were louder when he was with coulter, but that was because he had a catchy "We the people" motto. He is also having some pretty decent matches, getting "This is awesome" chants on a ocasion and whatnot. He also seems to look more badass, but that is just my opinion
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