5 Potential Reasons Lashley Turned Down Kurt Angle

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    Last week on Friday Night IMPACT, Kurt Angle asked the World Heavyweight Champion to join his team to battle the Beat Down Clan inside Lethal Lockdown. Lashley does have a heated issue with the BDC and it seemed like a lock he would say yes. In a shocking turn of events, Lashley turned down Kurt’s offer. But what was the reason? We’ve come up with 5 potential reasons why the Champion said no to the Olympic Gold Medalist.

    5. Injury

    Coming off a successful title defense versus Bobby Roode, Austin Aries and MVP, the current World Heavyweight Champion could potentially be hiding a nagging injury. A few weeks ago, Lashley did suffer a brutal beatdown from the Beat Down Clan. While they did steal his championship title, we don’t know if there are any lingering effects.

    4. THE TOP 5

    Lashley is the first TNA World Heavyweight Champion ever to have his future challengers ranked. If Lashley walked into the Lethal Lockdown, he’d be locked in a cage with 3 of the Top 5 – Kurt Angle, Low Ki and MVP. Carrying around the World Title puts a bullseye on his chest.


    Every year, the man who wins the World Title shot in Feast or Fired has the opportunity to cash in that briefcase at ANY time. Lashley knows that and if he would have accepted teaming with Kurt Angle, he’d be locked in a cage with this year’s winner Austin Aries. Aries hasn’t been shy about reminding everyone he’s ever the opportunist. Aries could just shock the world and cash in in Lethal Lockdown if Lashley says yes.

    2. The BDC Numbers game.

    Even if Lashley isn’t injured, Lethal Lockdown is known to shorten careers. The BDC have attempted to injure the champion on two different occasions. Lashley has stated he doesn’t need anyone and wants to stand on his own. A war in Lethal Lockdown could take it’s toll on the BDC all while Lashley sits on the sidelines.

    1. Kurt Angle

    There has been an issue simmering in TNA IMPACT Wrestling for almost a year; Kurt Angle and Lashley. While Kurt Angle was Executive Director, there were numerous confrontations between the two that made the issue boil even hotter. Now that Kurt Angle is back on the roster, the impending collision seems inevitable. While they both have common enemies, they both have the same goal – being the World Heavyweight Championship. Look at Lashley’s decision to turn down Angle can be viewed as strategic. As Champion, Lashley has to watch who he aligns himself with and that includes Kurt Angle.

    The question now is who will Kurt Angle find to be the fourth member of Team Angle? Will the BDC see this 3 on 4 situation as “blood in the water”? Lethal Lockdown will be the first big battle in this war with the tide truly swinging on who/if Kurt finds a partner.


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