5 questions for Vince McMahon

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  1. Post your 5 questions you would ask Vince if you could.
  2. Why did you change your name from pedobear?
  3. Do you have quads of steel now?
  4. the REAL Vince or the WF user Vince?
  5. 1. Why Cena, still?
    2. Why did you Fire AW? :facepalm1:
    3. Where is Regal's world title push?
    4. Why have you destroyed the tag team division?
    5. Can you give me your word you will not go anywhere near NXT? :upset:
  6. The real Vince McMahon and take this serious you noobs. 5 questions, go.
  7. 1-Why hire/push talentless bodybuilders?
    2-Why rewrite the shows so many times?
    3-Why not accept that you're old and can't handle the show very well anymore?
    4-Why do you think your way is the best way in every little thing?
    5-Why don't you just go away?
  8. saw some cops outside my house. Feared for my freedom.

    Adamantium bitch

    I am the real vince.

    1. im a money hungry bastard
    2. it's what i do best
    3. what kind of person drinks tea?
    4. Couldn't find enough twin wrestlers
    5. i dont even know what that is?
  9. 1. Why won't you push Tyson Kidd, Alex Riley and other young talents?
    2. Why did you ruin Santino by giving him a comedy role?
    3. Why won't you unite the two world championships already?
    4. Why did you fuck up ECW?
    5. Why won't you stay away from WWE?
  10. And Vince kills the thread, again. :upset:
  11. 1. Where the f()ck are my ice cream bars!!!?

    2. What are the chances that you could buy Impact so you could publicly fire JJ again?

    3. Either bring back Bra and panty matches, or get rid of the divas! Thoughts?

    4. Could you please hire the young bucks and maybe the MCMGs and actually have a tag division?

    5. What's the logic on keeping Hornswoggle? Finally doesn't wrestle anymore?
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  12. [​IMG]
  13. 1. Why do you apparently hate the word Wrestling and try to constantly shy away from using it and try to replace it completely with the term 'sports-entertainment'?

    2. If not for the contract with Mattel, would there still be two world titles or would the 'brand split' being completely abolished since it's all just one show now anyways?

    3. Don't you think Divas matches are a complete waste of time?

    4. Do you really like Raw being three hours or were you just pressured into it by the USA Network?

    5. When are you retiring and letting Triple H take over?
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