Royal Rumble 5 Rumored Winners of the 2016 Royal Rumble

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Neptune, Dec 17, 2015.

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    #5 Daniel Bryan

    Recently, we came to know that Daniel Bryan would be allowed to wrestle again if he tones down his wrestling style. Pushing him back into the ring is a risk, but if Daniel Bryan enters the Royal Rumble, then goes on to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania, it will be a great storyline.
    At Fast Lane, Bryan and Reigns had a classic match and though we might not get to see such physicality due to the situation of Bryan, we will have a solid match.
    This, however, will badly effect Reigns as the fans back Bryan and everything that WWE managed to achieve at TLC will be torn to shreds.

    #4 Dean Ambrose

    Lady luck finally smiled at Dean Ambrose when he won the Intercontinental championship at TLC. He is likely to continue his feud with Kevin Owens until Royal Rumble but that does not take him away from the actual Rumble match.
    Ambrose is still wrestling as a babyface but we all know how brilliant he is, as a heel superstar.
    Ambrose, could win the Royal Rumble match, turn heel and face off against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania for the WWE championship. It will be a solid storyline and since Reigns and Ambrose knows each other very well, the match is bound to reach the expectation levels.

    #3 John Cena

    A WrestleMania season without John Cena is clearly not on WWE’s script. They will bring back the Cenation leader at one point or the other and if the return happens at Royal Rumble, then it will open up the possibility of a five-star match between Roman Reigns and Cena at WrestleMania.
    Reigns, luckily or unluckily, was tagged as Cena 2.0 long back. Now that the fans are backing the Samoan Superman, a Reigns vs. Cena match will draw big. If Vince McMahon wants to take it to the next level, he could turn Cena heel in an NWo style angle, with Reigns as the major opposition for Cena.

    #2 Brock Lesnar

    Just like John Cena, Brock Lesnar is a superstar that is bound to return before the WrestleMania season picks up momentum. The Beast, who lost his WWE Championship at last year’s WrestleMania, will be eager to get the title back.
    And, the best way he could achieve the same is by entering the Royal Rumble.
    Lesnar could embark on a demolition rally in the Royal Rumble match and come out as the winner so that he could face Reigns at WrestleMania. The fans are unlikely to complain about the same since most of them would love to see another Reigns vs. Lesnar bout considering how the last one finished.

    #1 Triple H

    WWE released an official statement about Hunter’s injury after TLC. This sets up the stage for a surprise Royal Rumble entrance for him. Triple H was taken out viciously by Reigns at TLC, and now that Vince McMahon is back on television, WWE is likely to give Hunter a break until Rumble.
    Hunter, with a score to settle against Reigns, could then return for the Rumble match, screw the other entrants with the help of Authority, and walk out as the winner. In turn, we will, get to see a Triple H vs. Roman Reigns showdown at WrestleMania for the WWE Championship and Triple H could put over Reigns easily.

  2. #5 Wishful thinking, sadly.

    #4 "LOL, you have IC title, Ambrose. You don't need the Rumble win!" - Vinceman


    #2 Yeeeeeeeees! BORKMAN FTW! BORK KILL, BORK SMASH!:21-1:

    #1 I can definitely see it happening and I wouldn't mind it. Although I'm not sure if it's the brightest idea to screw Reigns out of the title in the span of 2-3 months and then have his 3rd major title win in the span of like 6 months. I hope they book it well.
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  3. It has to be Brock or HHH. No one else will do (from this list) and since they want Roman to be on top, it would be silly to let Bork Lerfsner win it and go against Roman. He is too over with everyone lol
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  4. #5 Daniel Bryan- I don't think theres anyway they are going to put him in the main event at Wrestlemania. Its too risky because of injuries. If he did win the Rumble he certainly wouldn't win the title at Wrestlemania. So I could maybe see him returning and then putting someone (Roman Reigns) over at Wrestlemania, but I find it unlikely. DB will be upper mid card in WWE for the rest of his career there.

    #4 Dean Ambrose- No, not any chance under any circumstances. Especially being IC champ now it makes it very unlikely.

    #3 John Cena- I find it more likely for John Cena to win then someone like Triple H. Big Match John vs Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania would be a huge main event and Cena putting Roman over is bound to happen in 2016 but I don't believe it'll be at Wrestlemania

    #2 Brock Lesnar- Hands down my prediction to win it. The rematch between Reigns and Lesnar at Wrestlemania needs to happen. And who is there bigger for Reigns to overcome in WWE? NOBODY

    #1 Triple H- This seems like everyones favorite but I find it very unlikely that Triple H is going to win the Royal Rumble. Why would he have to go through the trouble of EARNING a title match against Roman when he can just book that shit anyways??? Exactly, I think Roman will face Triple H at Fastlane for the title


    Roman Reigns might win the Royal Rumble. Vince could strip him of the title and tell him the only way he can have another title shot is to win the Royal Rumble at being entrant #1. No one has really mentioned this idea but it seems VERY LIKELY! And then at Fastlane Roman could face Triple H putting his title shot on the line. Or Triple H could just crown himself WWE champion and they could have the match at Wrestlemania. This to me, makes way more sense then Triple H winning the Royal Rumble.
  5. Yeah we can't forget that Vince may take the belt back. I hope not though cause he won it fair. He shouldn't be fired. lol
  6. The more that I think about it, the more likely it seems. We know something is going down on Raw. So Vince taking the belt off Roman isn't a long shot. Roman winning the Royal Rumble to earn a title shot seems a lot more likely then Triple H. Theres no reason Triple H needs to EARN a title shot. They might just crown him champion.

    Maybe Sheamus will face Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble for the WWE title. I keep reading that Sheamus is suggesting a match with Lesnar quite often so maybe he'll get his wish. If so Lesnar goes over and becomes Champion. Roman Reigns ends up having to put his title shot on the line against Triple at Fastlane, so they have there match.
  7. What about the fact that they want or at least are gunning for a feud with Cena to put him over? Will this be a face vs face? Heck, we may end up with a John vs Roman vs Brock three-way at Wrestle Mania. I mean there is a lot of directions they can go with this and while some seem obvious, others seem to be just as justifiable.
  8. Its possible. A lot of people are saying John Cena vs Undertaker and Kevin Owens vs Brock Lesnar but I believe Kevin Owens vs Undertaker is going to go down. I personally believe John Cena will be in a match for the US title though. He'll probably have a match with Del Rio for the title at Fastlane, it'll end in a DQ, then he'll win at Wrestlemania. Or he'll have the match at Royal Rumble, DQ finish, rematch at Fastline, become champion, then ADR gets his rematch clause match at Mania.
  9. If the rumors are true though with Cena going to Brock-like scheduling, then I can't see why they wouldn't use the opportunity to boost Roman. There is just so many options that can be good which I am glad about because for once, in like 2+ years, I can't predict what they will do next. haha

    I do wonder though, will they flip the switch and make Cena a heel to put Roman over?... Yes it is very unlikely but I would love to see it happen.
  10. I think Cena will definitely be putting Roman over in 2016 but I think it'll be after Wrestlemania. Cena and Reigns will probably have a heavy feud until Seth Rollins makes a return.
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  11. Crap I forgot about Seth. I think he is going to come back as a face though. I mean he is going to get cheered regardless.
  12. He'll definitely be welcomed back and cheered greatly. But Im sure they'll align him with Triple H, making him the heel of his feud with Roman.
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  13. I wonder where Ambrose will be at when Seth returns. Those two having a heavy and solid feud would be nice.
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  14. Probably exactly where he's at now. In the upper mid card. Its good to see him with the IC title now. To me it makes sense to have Dean Ambrose face Triple H at Wrestlemania if Roman isn't going to. Ambrose can somehow help Roman from Triple H screwing him out of the title/title shot and/or Triple H can screw Dean out of being IC champion. That would put them in a feud for Mania, which would really elevate Ambrose by having him in one of the main event matches at Wrestlemania and going over HHH
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  15. That is one way they can go with it. It could work good actually. I do prefer Ambrose as a heel and Seth as a face though, idk why. If Daniel Bryan ever does come back, him feuding with one of them would be good too.

    I am beginning to think that at the time, Seth getting injured sucked but this may have been the best thing to happen for the WWE in a long time. It forced them to rewrite and rethink everything.
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  16. Seths title reign was kind of stinking up the joint. But they put themselves in a pickle because he's such a good wrestler but they booked him like total shit. I was actually really looking forward to Reigns vs Rollins feud that was supposed to happen at Survivor Series. They would of took it to the limit and had an intense couple matches.
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  17. The way I look at it now is that when it does happen, they will do it the right way. Seth will be refreshed.
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  18. There ain't no way in hell they're gonna have Reigns defend the title against HHH on some shitty middle-of-the-road PPV like Fast Lane.

    They're saving it for Mania.
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  19. But then who would he defend the title against at Fastlane?
  20. Big Show or Kane:quimby:

    I know, it sounds lame. But, enter obligatory Kane/Show vs WWE-WHC that nobody wants to see and WWE does it anyway. Plus, who else are they gonna job out to other than those two clowns? Like seriously.

    Plus, HHH vs Reigns is money and it's a WM-caliber match that shouldn't be wasted at Fast Lane, imo.
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