WrestleMania 5 "Scheduled" Legends for WM

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Neptune, Feb 26, 2016.

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  1. The Rock (confirmed)
    Mick Foley (questionable)
    Ric Flair (very likely)
    Shawn Michaels (questionable)
    Stone Cold Steve Austin (very likely)

    So yeah, there are a few very likely's, one confirmed, and 2 that people are assuming. Who do you think will show? I mean this is based on what we know. The Rock has confirmed his appearanced. Ric will likely be there to support his daughter. Steve Austin has said multiple times he will be there but doesn't know how/when he will be directly involved... I am guessing a back stage skit. Shawn is an assumed rumor because it is his territory and Mick mentioned working with WWE in the near future, though I think it is mainly for his daughter. Thoughts?
  2. Yeah, I think HBK will be involved. Same with SCSA.
  3. Hopefully Foley comes out and tells bad jokes like he did at Summerslam
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  4. He should come but as Mankind and Mr. Socko Reigns lolol
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  5. Stone Cold will make a non-wrestling in-ring appearance, obviously. It is Dallas, TEXAS ya know.

    Mick and his kids will do some skit to try and sell Wrestlemania merchandise.

    The Rock will come out in support of Reigns and to fire up the crowd before the main event.

    Ric has to be there in his daughter's corner.

    HBK in some backstage 1 minute thing wisecracking with HHH before the main event.
  6. This is a fucking update from 7 stars likely to appear? This is filler bullshit.
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