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Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Roi, Sep 27, 2014.

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  1. Post here the matches you have rated with 5 snowflakes

    Will post mine here soon (Whenever I finish it)
  2. Melina vs Alicia Fox

    Some say it was only 4 1/2 but I'll fight those ******s if they say it to my face.
  3. The Bushwacker vs Nikolai Volkoff and Iron Sheik: Heroes of Wrestling.

    Greatest match in the history of pro-wrestling.
  4. WWF/E:

    Patera/Backlund (TDM)
    Slaughter/Backlund (Bootcamp & Cage)
    Bret/Owen (WMX)
    Bret/Diesel (No DQ)
    HBK/Taker (HIAC)
    Foley/Levesque (Street Fight)
    Angle/Austin (SummerSlam)
    Flair/Levesque (Cage)
    Umaga/Cena (LMS)

    I'm sure I'm missing few more, tho, i'm sure.


    XXX/AMW (Cage 2)
    Styles/Sabin/Petey (UX)
    Daniels/Styles (Ironman I & II)
    Styles/Daniels/Joe (UB & TP '09)
    Styles/Joe (TP '05 aka GOAT TNA match)

    Goddam it, TNA was awesome back then.

    When it comes to the territories, NWA/WCW, puro, lucha, Europe etc. that's quite a thankless task, I'd have to dig deep and rewatch some stuff.

    However, these three matches I rated five stars this year:

    From this year:

    Virus/Titan (CMLL 1/28)

    Nakamura/Tanahashi (NJPW Invasion Attack)

    Styles/Suzuki (NJPW G1 Climax 8/1)

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