5 star rating system for the iwt?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Gav back in the championship, Aug 11, 2013.

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  1. if its possible it would be good be able to rate peoples promos with a 5 star system as a way of providing feedback thoughts?
  2. who would be rating them though everyone or just the people in charge of it?
  3. Whichever works best
  4. If you like a promo, just hit the like button. I don't see the point on having a stars system to rate the promos. Anyways, if we want to have it or you want to do it, after the match ends, post something like "Nano's promo: 1/5, Rodrigo's promo 4/5" and then say who you vote for. You can do that if you want, but I don't see the point on having a star rating system that almost no one would ever use...
  5. I guess after PPVs you could have a 'Rate (insert name of PPV)' thread with ratings for the individual matches as well.
  6. But his point isn't rating the matches, is rating the promos. That's why he wants to rate the promos with stars. Basically, if you like a promo you just hit the like button...

  7. Whoever wants to rate promos, can rate the match and then give a breakdown of each promo.

    Gotta be honest I'm not keen on this. It just seems like it'd cause more trouble than it's worth... people complaining that 'X' rated their promo 2 *'s
  8. Also, if a member thinks a promo is so great they can like the post or they can PM them.
  9. And that's what I said... If they want to rate promos, they can do it after the match ends.
  10. You can post them. An official system for this would either get abused or not used. MyBB had a built in thread rating system and it ended up with haters 1 starring threads, or no one using it.
  11. And having it for posts would be even worse.
  12. I rate this idea 1/2*/5
  13. We used to be able to rate threads. That'd be the easiest way to rate them if you wanted to go that route. Bring that back and only have the iwt promos in that thread, and hav people rate it like that. You're welcome.
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