5 Superstars we want to see answer John Cena’s open challenge

Discussion in 'WWE Feed' started by WWE News Bot, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. Zayn - No (Not at the moment).. RVD - Why?? (Not relevant, have him go against whichever Uso is solo right now for 6 months).. Neville - Yes, although I think that match would be fairly spotty.. Kurt Angle - LOL yes but never gonna happen IMO.. Sting - No? Why would this make any sense..

    My 5 - Shelton Benjamin, Masked Kane, Christian, Neville, Dean Ambrose (Not in any specific order)
  2. My five: Lex Luger (Lex express on the line), The Patriot, Aja Kong, Bob Backlund, Road Warrior Animal.

    In seriousness: Axelmania (Surprise upset would be fantastic), The big guy, Tyler Breeze, Harper, Rowan.

    Cena vs Aja Kong would be pretty sweet tho.
  3. LOL at Sting, RVD and Angle. Never gonna happen.

    Also, I have a funny feeling either Axelmania or Neville might answer Juanito's open challenge on Raw this week.
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