5 years down the line!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by James, Mar 14, 2012.

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  1. 5 years down the line in 2017 what do you think the WWE will be like? Who would have left? Will the PG era be over?

    need your opinions on this?
  2. It's impossible to say but I speculate we'll still be under a PG banner until a competitor forces a change. I can see Cena still being the man and Punk a close second. The roster is relatively young if you take away the part timers so I doubt it will change too much in the upper areas.
  3. The lower main eventers will be full time multiple champions, that's all that I think will be different. I predict a couple new superstars joining WWE and taking it by storm too.
  4. 2017 will be 20 years after the attitude ega began. not that it means much but just making that point!

    of course as well we will defo be seeing new Smackdown and Raw areana sets (if there even is a smackdown by that stage). thank god :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. The same except with new superstars, GMs, and commentators. It'll still stay PG.
  6. DON"T SAY THAT! Everyone become Connecticut residents and vote Linda McMahon for senator this time. She thinks that parents won't vote for her if her show is violent.
  7. She'll quit once she loses again.
  8. I guess it will be PG then, some mid-carders are champs, some main eventers are just doing matches without title, or maybe with (you'll never know). But I hope it will be better then nowadays.
  9. I think it'll still be PG but judging by the way boundaries and tolerance levels change I'm presuming maybe more things will become acceptable under the PG banner as it seems the way the modern world goes.

    As for the roster a few retirements of the older and injury prone superstars a few new additions to the roster and the quality mid carders pushed and helped through to Superstar status. Hopefully less Z-list celebrity run ins as well.

    Reckon they may go for less PPV's over time to improve the storylines but this depends on the buyrates and the state of the economy if the slump continues and people continue to struggle for money and cut back I see this happening though as overall it'd lead to higher buyrates and would probably generate the same income overall.

    Still see WWE being the main brand but possibly under one flagship show which would be RAW. Don't see TNA or anyone else competing for a while on this front.

    Also possibly some titles brought back imo Crusierweight and Hardcore and hopefully as more competitive Tag division and Women's Division with the women treated more like wrestlers rather than models.

    Who knows though we can only speculate.
  10. ''Also possibly some titles brought back imo Crusierweight and Hardcore and hopefully as more competitive Tag division.''


    ''And Women's Division with the women treated more like wrestlers rather than models.''

    Aaahh, come on now..
  11. Hey I'm not saying they can't be good looking and flash the flesh but we need women who can wrestle as well like one of my fave female wrestlers Lita she was fit as hell but amazing in the ring and epic to watch.
  12. Yeah man I agree. Have to say: Beth, Natalya and Tamina are pretty good imo.
    And if Kaitlyn will get more chances and experience, she will be the next power diva.
  13. Exactly it's much more entertaining to watch them when they can wrestle as well as look sexy plus then it gives some prestige to the division and the female wrestlers overall which they deserve as many of them work just as hard as the blokes.
  14. Have to agree.
    Who knows.. They might take it serious soon.
  15. Doubt hardcore will come back.
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