News 50 Cent files for bankruptcy

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  1. /Wallstreet Journal.

    Didn't he have an empire built around himself?
  2. Guess he'll only be 25 cent now :sad:
  3. His rapper name suddenly makes sense now.
  4. lmfao his label bombed so poorly. From porn to media to entertainment, he should have stayed Shady.
  5. He still rich.
  6. Chapter 11, not chapter 7. he ain't broke folks
  7. He made by and far most of his money in vitamin water lol. He sold his shares to coke for 100 mill bruh
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  8. I forgot about that, the fuck do you piss away that kind of money alone?
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  9. Yep.

    1. This is a publicity stunt.
    2. He currently Executive Produces "Power." Which he claims to have made only $100k-ish the whole season (which I think is bullshit. If true, then he got ripped off).
    3. His business ventures more than keeps him afloat.
    4. Bankruptcy at Chap 11 keeps lawsuits at bay. Simple as that.
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