50 years of WWE DVD

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Dec 3, 2013.

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  1. OK, checking this out and holy shit was the ending disheartening. They shifted straight from talking about the AE to cutting to bruno sammartino burying the AE and then the last 20 minutes is Steph Linda and Cena talking about how they go out of there way to be family friendly. Yea, we all know they do that but something about throwing it in my face for the last 20 minutes of a 50 year anniversary DVD just rubbed me the wrong way.

    This company is no longer meant for us, the wrestling fans. I've known it for a while but this just confirms it tenfold. good guy WWE makes for a boring ass wrestling product
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  2. Watched it earlier this afternoon as well. And yeah, its a bit disheartening. "We're entertainment, entertainment with wrestling but mostly entertainment" was what I got from it.

    Also your typical WWE docu, never touching on when the company wasn't on top except for the Monday night wars which couldn't be ignored. No mention of back in the 70's when they were ranked 3rd apparently.
  3. I was expecting a 2nd half of the doc, instead of just matches. It would have been a great place to leave off if you added in the last decade instead of forgetting it ever happened.

    After the first hour i was so happy to have seen the doc, after it ended i put the 2nd disc on and laughed, deciding I wouldn't pay for it after all.
  4. The part about Owen was very classy. Well done.
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  5. it literally came out of no where.
  6. I also love how certain wrestlers have their total time WWE included while they were in WCW, as others did not.
  7. Well that sounds lame
  8. Is it on netflix or do i gotta download?
  9. It's on watchwrestling.
  10. I've never been much of a fan of WWE dvds, unless they're about a superstar, like the CM Punk one, Triple H, etc. Is the DVD worth watching?
  11. so much of it seemed random. they literally threw '50 years of WWE' together in the most bizarre bits and pieces. a truly shit doc after about the first 45 minutes
  12. first part is. once they get past Hogan you can forget it.
  13. I liked the DVD but they did totally skip the past 10 years or so, it was strange considering how much depth they were showing prior. I really enjoyed the amount of detail they put in to the first bit showing how things were in the 70's, that was quite interesting and well done. 80's and 90's were fine, they touched on some things I wasn't expecting (92' trial and Owen) but they were welcome additions. They thankfully didn't go too long with the screwjob and explained more of what it did for the company opposed to the personal side of it.

    Overall, I was pretty happy with it, they had an excellent cast of wrestlers and agents for the interview segments (candid Undertaker is the greatest thing ever) and I'd recommend it.
  14. Yea the trial stuff was about the end of the good stuff. I was surprised at the inclusion of Owen but it wasn't anything i hadn't seen before so I wasn't too taken aback by it. the last half hour was utter dog shit
  15. As far as that dvd is concerned, wrestlemania 3 happened and then all of a sudden the WCW wars started, then Hitman was the top seed but got screwed over, and after that HBK had a lot to live up to, In 2002 Cena and Orton both came up, and HHH has been COO since 2009. End of story.
  16. I think they have a pretty nice balance between family programming and a stuff for the wrestling fans. It could certainly be worse
  17. they do little things for wrestling fans but ultimately the product is never going to be what most of us would want it to be, and it has nothing to do with pg or risky content
  18. Well just this year...
    1. Bryan had a WWE Title run (major push regardless)
    2. Rehired Goldust
    3. The Shield push
    4. Wyatt's were brought up with the same gimmick
    5. DZ had a title run (regardless of what circumstances caused him to lose the push)
    6. And compared to last year, there's been more hardcore matches

    I think there's a little bit that can be said about that
  19. inb4 he ignores your shit or talk's shit to ignore the face he just got worked.

    Inbf4 senhor tells me he is a mod now, and i remind him no one give's a fuck before he closes the thread.
  20. 1.) The worst major push of recent memory. A complete botch that should be 1 million times better
    2.) lol? ok.
    3.) they are being pushed but they still just feel like 3 dudes on a roster who don't really stand out other than walking out through the crowd--- this is the main problem. storylines are all bland and generic sans 1 main event feud at a time
    4.) And completely dropped on their head ever since their awesome debut, mainly due to the afore mentioned factors limiting the Shields awesomeness
    5.) don't talk to me
    6.) not my type of thing anyhow

    My biggest gripes are that they would rather do a bunch of dumb random pointless shit with 95% of the tv time instead of just giving us wrestling feuds and giving us a reason to want to watch matches. instead we get random PPv matches with no meaning and it always feels the fucking same
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