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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Arrow, Sep 22, 2012.

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  1. In honor of my 6,000th post, I will be answering ALL of your questions...
    (None perverted though, Vince).

    Submit a question here.. I'll be doing this for another couple hours.

  2. Okay. I'm putting my instincts to the test-1 in particular. Every time I would watch you come down that ramp you always had a smile on your face and even when you got in the ring and even when wrestling-you could get hurt several times-and it looked like you were still having a ball-like you were at a party or something and you always made wrestling look like a lot of fun-despite getting hurt-was it really as fun as you made it look or were you covering up and inside screaming in pain? because if that's the case-then my instincts were right on the money-every time-even when you'd get hurt I would watch the smile on your face but would be thinking"He's doing that "KILL EM WITH KINDNESS" thing,he can't be having that much fun with all that going on-there's absolutely no way!if he is-he's lost his marbles-lol. So,am I right or wrong and this one wins me a prize if I'm right on the money-lol.
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  3. Why do people post these threads?
  4. With every the professional entertainment business, sometime it is about taking risks and enduring unimaginable pain. I wouldn't necessarily describe it as fun, but it definitely has its good and bad days.
  5. So bored of the current internet phase of answering questions online.

    Congratulations on 6,000 posts however.
  6. Crayo, just click the link brother, dude.
  7. Anyone with half a brain knows dafk is rick roll.

    Threads like these aren't allowed as their LQ.
  8. Here's a question: Why do you actually care that you have 6000 posts?
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