6/7 Impact Wrestling Ratings

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  1. I expect it to rise soon and catch up with SD. :obama:
  2. Fucksucks.
  3. i predict it will have 10 million viewers by next month
  4. NBA playoffs were on at that time so that's probabaly why.
  5. I hope they continue to go up. :burns:
  6. They will, eventually.
  7. The Impact viewers are probably still adjusting themselves to the new start time.
  8. Yup, the only question is to what degree. If the product can be on the level we all know it can with Aries, Bully, Joe, Roode, Storm, Hardy ect being used properly then ratings will be fine.

    Everyone knew when they changed times it would take a bit for the ratings to catch up to where they were before hopefully improving eventually with it being live
  9. Q1: 0.81 rating - Dixie Carter addresses the A.J. Styles controversy, Daniels and Kazarian out, Styles saves Dixie, Serg punches, Crimson entrance

    Q2: 0.85 rating - Crimson vs. Austin Aries, Crimson issues an open challenge for Slammiversary, Brooke Hogan backstage with the Knockouts, Hulk Hogan entrance

    Q3: 0.92 rating - Hogan in-ring promo, Bobby Roode interrupts Hogan, Sting roughs up Roode, The Knockouts backstage

    Q4: 0.95 rating - Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky vs. Miss Tessmacher vs. Tara with Gail Kim on commentary, Bully Ray backstage, two commercial breaks

    Q5: 1.14 rating - Hulk Hogan on the phone with A.J. Styles, Jeremy Borash hosts the Bully Ray and Joseph Park contract signing, Garett Bischoff

    Q6: 1.07 rating - Joey Ryan and Al Snow backstage argument video, Devon vs. Robbie E with Madison Rayne out, Garett Bischoff and Robbie T at ringside, two commercial breaks

    Q7: 1.00 rating - Hulk Hogan interrupted by Mr. Anderson, Jeff Hardy and RVD out to set up a Slammiversary match,

    Q8: 1.09 rating - Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels, and Kazarian vs. Sting and Kurt Angle, A.J. Styles out late
  10. Bully DRAWS!!
  11. And Joseph Park, broth... Man.
  12. The news broke out that May 31st episode with DVR included had 1.43 million viewers (whilst live watched it 1.29), just slightly below average.
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