6 Reasons Daniel Bryan’s Retirement Will Hurt WWE

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  1. 6. Another Star Name Has Gone
    5. WWE Fans Have Lost Their “Everyman” Character
    4. WWE Reverts Back To The Typical Wrestler “Status Quo”
    3. There Will Probably Never Be A More Organic Fan Favourite Again
    2. We’ll Now Miss So Many “Dream Matches”
    1. Vince May Be Unwilling To Invest In Independent Talent Whatsoever Now

    6 Reasons Daniel Bryan's Retirement Will Hurt WWE In The Long Run


    I think there WILL be another organic favorite again. At least with the mid age to older fans. I also doubt this will make Vince be put off from Independent talent again. Most wrestlers started there.
  2. We already have a huge fan favorite. His name's Dean Ambrose! And wait till ya see a babyface Rollins, mate.

    HHH is behind all those indy signings now, not Vince. Although Vince gets to decide their fate once they get to the main roster.
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  3. I'm not too bothered by it tbh. Yeah he was a great talent and did a lot for the WWE. But I think with the signing of AJ Styles and the rise of Dean Ambrose I really don't think that his loss will be as catastrophic as some people think it will.

    Neither do I think it'll put Vince off signing talent from the independent circuit. That's why NXT is there at the end of the day as a filter for the main roster.
  4. People were saying things about Cena being gone and the show sucking. Sure, it has been better but even if Cena had been around, it wouldn't be much different. And not many people even miss Cena anymore. Daniel Bryan will always be a fan favorite but people will stop talking about him with in a month. Sadly.

    And yeah AJ Styles is a huge boost for them. All they are missing is a few key heel turns (Cena for one) and Rollins to come back.
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  5. Yeah WWE is already in a bad state to begin with, Daniel Bryan's retirement has really opened the wound. You can expect nothing new the next few months and Vince's usual Status Quo to continue as Roman wins the WWE title.
  6. Don't we have a WWE bot for this trash? No offense but it's all conjecture on who gives a fuck shit.

    Honestly how Bryan retiring now before fastlane and on the RTWM? It's a huge boost, they arent going to induct but you can bet your dick he comes out to a huge yes chant at WM.
  7. lolol WWE talking about the company possibly failing? :ohyeah:
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