WrestleMania 6 top matches set for WrestleMania

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Brad., Jan 25, 2014.

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    PWMania.com reported via PWInsider that Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan is “pretty much set in stone” for the WrestleMania XXX card. Another match that is back on is Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena. This match was put to the side once talks got serious with Hulk Hogan. WWE officials wanted to do something with Hogan and Cena but as noted last week, Hogan was recently evaluated by WWE doctors and the decision was made to not book Hogan in any kind of physical role. Now the Cena vs. Wyatt match is back in the mix.

    PWInsider reports that the top 5 matches for WrestleMania XXX look like this:

    * Batista vs. Randy Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Title
    * Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker
    * Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena
    * CM Punk vs Triple H
    * Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

    If the F4Wonline.com report from Friday is correct about The Ultimate Warrior vs. Ryback taking place, then the top 6 matches at WrestleMania XXX are sure to get people talking.

    Worst WrestleMania ever. I guess they don't feel that they have to try because most people will be watching via the network, which they've already paid for, therefore buy rates will be distorted. Not interested in half of those matches.
  2. you really take this stuff as gospel man?
  3. It seems like an eh 'Mania card.
  4. Nope??? Just saying it looks shit and is pretty likely.. Punk v Authority, Batista winning Rumble, Lesnar facing streak.
  5. Of course it seems logical. That is what the report is based on, watching the shows and making predictions based on that. You had a 'spoiler' tag on the topic which to me made it seem like you assumed this was legit.
  6. Yeah I didn't want some butthurt punk moaning at me ok
  7. Simmer down dude.

    If this were the card, hopefully this would mean Bray goes over DB tomorrow if he wants to have any semblance of momentum after basically being booked like complete shit throughout the entirety of their feud.
  8. Wouldn't want to see Cena vs Bray as I expect the match to be dissapointing. Other than that, the only thing that I don't like Sheamus vs D-Bry. Bryan should be going after the title with all the momentum he's had for the past 9 months. If they just let his momentum die like this, it'd be ridiculous.
  9. I don't see how anyone would be OK with Batista vs Orton in the ME for the strap. puke
  10. I'm not entirely okay with it. Might be or might not be a good match.
  11. Si this means ortons beating lesnar at elimination chamber?
  12. I just could not give less of a shit about either guy. both of them are like watching paint dry
  13. I will die a little inside
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  14. Just a little?
  15. That's all I have left. WWE has already killed the rest
  16. What do you even want to see at Mania?
  17. I actually got this bad feeling just a couple of days ago. An image floated through my head of Lesnar ending up like Mark Henry in the chamber last year where like three people ganged up on him and hit their finishers one at a time and pinned him. Keep in mind the chamber PPV is in Lesnar's home state, and much of the time, guys (face or heel) don't generally have a lot of luck winning in their home town/state.

    If they really do go with Lesnar/Taker, then I guess this could be how we get there - Lesnar flips his shit over the loss and Heyman either suggests targeting the streak or Undertaker makes an appearance on the show and Lesnar directly attacks him personally to let him know he has intentions to break the streak at Wrestlemania. (This would be horrible booking imo, but I could see it happening.)
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  18. People keep asking. I've posted it multiple times, including in the fantasy mania card thread

    seriously there's no way they've even thought about this this far in. They're probably thinking about 3 "marquee" matches (Punk vs Hunter, the title match, and Undertaker) and will throw everything else together last minute. I wouldn't put it past them to have leaked this information to get the internet fans all pissed off. For as much as we claim being worked is such a bad thing, boy is it easy to work us.

    Even if it is true, remember just how obvious Ziggler vs Jericho was last year? :russo: Also, come on. Orton can't beat Lesnar at EC, they HAVE to have the Chamber as the WWE World Title match, nothing else makes sense. Plus you can't have Lesnar job and then go up against the Deadman, gtfo with dat shit

    The one thing I like about this card is that the only old dude vs old dude match is Taker/Brock which oughta be awesome. Still after all they've done on their show to pull us in one direction, boy would this be the wrong thing for them to do.
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  20. The thing is you could put all the 12 names into a hat and draw out 6 better matches.

    btw I'm pretty sure Orton/Batista wouldn't main-event over Punk/HHH or Lesnar/Taker if this was to happne.
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