Royal Rumble 7 Greatest Individual Performances in the Royal Rumble

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    7. Stone Cold wins RR 1997 (open)

    6. Ric Flair enters at No. 3 (open)

    5. Chris Benoit Wins at No. 1 (open)

    4. Roman Reigns Sets a New Record (open)

    3. Kane Dominates the 2001 Royal Rumble (open)

    2. Shawn Michaels Overcomes the Odds (open)

    1. Rey Mysterio Defies All (open)

  2. Who is Chris Benoit?

    And wheres Batista?
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  3. Batista? Who is that? - security guards/camera men everywhere
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  4. Where's :supercena:, dammit?!
  5. Like he needs another award for something :hmmm:
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    Personal preference, perhaps, but Flair's is more impressive than to be sixth (and yes, I know we're all entitled to our different opinions) . That was a day when WWE averaged less than 10 minutes per match and it was literally the first time since Andre the Giant in 1987 (and only second time ever) that they had a PPV end with a heel victory. I also personally don't think they ever had a more impressive list of wrestlers in a Rumble (an eventual 54 World Title reigns among the participants). Also it accomplished something that to this day has only been done twice... with Flair joining Buddy Rogers as the only men ever to hold both the NWA and WWF/E titles. At the time it was unheard of for a wrestler to hold the world titles of 2 different promotions. When placed in the context of the era it occurred in, I undoubtedly put it MUCH closer to the top.

    And undoubtedly more impressive than Shawn' s win while although he entered at 1, only had to be in the ring for 38 minutes to win... which pales next to Flair's 59 minutes (although Flair was actually in for over an hour if you actually time the event) .
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  7. I can't remember where I sourced these from but I agree.
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