WrestleMania 7 Wrestlers Expected To Leave WWE After WM32

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  1. 7. Brie Bella
    6. Wade Barrett

    5. Mark Henry
    4. Chris Jericho
    3. Shane McMahon
    2. Sting
    1. The Undertaker


    I can see Brie leaving right away, specially if Nikki is done but Daniel Bryan has a few scheduled events happening into April so I expect her to be gone in May. Wade has already said he won't be resigning so as of now, that is a given. Mark has not reason to stick around and he deserves the rest. Chris can still keep going realistically but he knows fans aren't as over with him as they once were. He mentioned he would just disappear (no announcements or anything) when he retires so we will see what happens there. Shane is still up in the air but I feel like Vince may want him a round for a bit, at least a year. Sting likely wont wrestle again so may as well say he is done. And the Taker of Under... I want him to retire but unless this match is a HUGE one, I don't see it happening just yet.
  2. ....another one. Jericho and Henry will write their own schedules, the only way Henry retires is on his terms. Taker? Maybe, but this is just some copy paste bullshit.
  3. The Taker rumor comes every year. He wrestles at mania as long as he wants to. He if anyone has that type of goodwill with Vince. As for Jericho. Of course he's gone, he only works in 3 month stints
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  4. Taker will probably retire after next year's Mania. 25 Wrestlemania matches for him seems fitting.
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  5. I also don't see it ending with Shane if this match plays through. Would I would see him ending on is him vs Cena as much as I hate to say that.
  6. Why do people hate this so much? It means possible heel Cena.
  7. Heel Cena would make this the best but face Cena makes it meh.
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  8. Babyface vs babyface sounds like dogshit.
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  9. These matches are fine for Raw and run of the mill PPV but no Wrestle Mania.
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  10. Undertaker vs Cena would have been the perfect tool to turn John (as in have him beat Taker by heel means, not before). But without the streak, that strategy is much less effective
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  11. Cena retiring undertaker via a cheap win will garner a TON of heat.
  12. Are you guys serious?.. John Cena is not turning heel until Roman Reigns can get over with the audience in a big way.. Someone needs to replace Cena as the top babyface, why you think he hasn't turned yet?

    How hard is that to understand?
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  13. Cena could turn heel when he returns. He's been gone for so long that everyone has adjusted.
  14. Fixed
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  15. Yeah, Brie and Henry are probably retiring. Hell, Sting, too!

    This could also be Taker's last Mania, but I doubt it.

    Not sure what happens with Shane-O Mac, though. I guess it depends on the stipulation involved in his match with Taker... Or whatever they decide to do with this whole angle.
  16. Taker/Cena would have been great if the Streak was still intact. Could SuperCena be the man to end the streak? Would WWE actually do it? Would've been suspenseful as fuck.

    Now not so much. It's just another big match, not as epic as it could've been.
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  17. Cena turning heel by defeating Undertaker (even if the Streak was still a thing) is such a boring idea. I want Cena's heel turn to be more creative and interesting than something pretty much everyone on the internet has already conceptualized.
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