Kayfabe 72.

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  1. In other news, Studio 72 owner and pro wrestler Arno Frye has been charged with kidnapping and assaulting 6 producers from the ‘Royal Wrestling Kingdom’ Wrestling promotion. The abuse went on for months but finally, thanks to an anonymous tip, the kidnapped producers were saved. They were in very bad condition, malnourished and bruised but doctors say they’ll make a full recovery.

    Panning away from the broadcast we are met with the back of a suited man. He wears a mask with large horns. He turns toward the camera showing the large disfigured red mask with large fangs and protruding horns. His blank eyes gaze into the frame underneath that threatening mask. His breathing is uneven and deep. He adjusts his collar and walks off frame slowly.


    Jared ‘Arno’ Frye has been sentenced to a minimum of 10 years in prison with a bail set at 500,000. In addition to his sentence his accomplishes, Jason Perez and Elizabeth Frye who go by, “JUDAS and Elise” respectively will be put on probation and won’t be allowed out of LA without permission of their parole officer and RWK upper management.

    The report fades as the suited figure walks with his hands in his pocket.

    Again he stares into the camera with great intensity. The camera pans out revealing the area around him, a pier at night, not a soul in sight, its quiet--eerie. The masked man walks to the end of the pier, focusing in on his mask glimmering under the red lights on the luminous pier he stares intensely into frame.

    I’ve always had it in me…He knew it and that’s why he chose me. He knew there would come a time when I’d have to take over and become…su peor pesadilla (Their worst nightmare). I stand here the new leader of studio 72, a general with no Army. We’ve lost everything so here we are back at square one yet again.

    The camera pans out to the masked mans back as he looks upon the peer.


    Our goal when we breached these kingdom walls was to destroy and rebuild it in our image. I’ve realized how unattainable that goal was as we were…but now there is a new goal, Studio 72 died with Arno’s prison sentence, studio 72 was unguided…fragile…weak. It was our lack if self-control that was our downfall. Armed with this knowledge I hope to better not only myself, but any who chose to follow on a path of enlightenment. No longer do I brand myself Studio 72 but rather ilustrado (Enlightened). No longer am I a Frye…

    RWK, a new era of JUDAS is upon you and I seek to carry out Arno’s plans. I understand this endeavor will not breed instant success but as far as I’m concerned, either you’re with me or you’re just another victim of my wrath. I will do what Arno couldn’t; I will go further than he did not in spite of him but in honor.

    He reaches behind his head and begins undoing his mask.

    He knew I had it in me…they all did. Back when I was a child no one wanted to deal with that ill-tempered little bastard Jason…they used to beat me, neglected me. * Chuckle* they called me…

    He removes the mask; his back is still turned to the camera.

    They called me, “El Diablo.” As a child I hated it, I was painful and unfair. However when our paths crossed he taught me how to harness it, how to become one with that side of me. Now as I step into his role, I shall release it.

    He turns toward the camera revealing his face, Judas unmasked.


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