8/1 Impact Ratings

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  1. Q1: Impact opened with a 1.06 rating for a promo featuring Austin Aries and Bobby Roode, plus one commercial.

    Q2: Impact dipped to a 0.97 rating for Bobby Roode vs. Hernandez, Main Event Mafia backstage, one commercial, and Eric Young and Joseph Park backstage.

    Q3: Impact peaked to a show-high 1.08 rating for Chris Sabin and Manik backstage, one commercial, and Jay Bradley vs. Joseph Park.

    Q4: Impact dipped to a 1.02 rating for Main Event Mafia backstage, the first-half of Chris Sabin vs. Manik, and two commercial breaks.

    Q5: Impact increased slightly to a 1.03 rating for the second-half of Sabin-Manik, parking lot segment with Taz, one commercial, and Bad Influence backstage.

    Q6: Impact increased slightly to a 1.04 rating for ODB vs. Gail Kim, AJ Styles backstage, and one commercial.

    Q7: Impact dipped to a show-low 0.96 rating for Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan backstage, the first-half of Austin Aries vs. AJ Styles, and one mid-match commercial.

    Q8: Impact rebounded to a 1.04 rating for the second-half of Aries-Styles, one commercial, and the final segment with the Main Event Mafia and Aces & Eights, plus Tito Ortiz revealed as the #August1Warning. The show went into overrun two minutes past the hour.

  2. can you find the uk ratings for it on challenge on sunday?
  3. Never actively looked for them... *scans through tnasylum...*

    Thanks! :obama: Gotta include these in with the ratings in each week.

    :yay: Good TNA news!

  4. So tna gets more viewers then wwe in the uk :O i supose its on a free channel though.
  5. Low for Q5.... fuck off you asshat viewers
  6. Lol, Q3 had basically Park/Bradley and it was the highest point.
  7. - teh GOAT

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  8. Grat news for TNA, hope it continues like this. And TNA's UK ratings beating WWE's is just so awesome :please:
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