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  1. - For those who have asked, Kurt Angle will not be at Thursday's Impact Wrestling taping. He's in rehab and is not scheduled to return to TNA anytime soon.

    - Lots of talk of new talent coming in, but we haven't heard any names officially. However, the most speculated names online are the American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards), The Young Bucks (aka Generation Me) and the Briscoes (Jay and Mark). Dave Lagana is said to be a big advocate of the American Wolves tag team and many people in TNA like Generation Me. The Briscoe Brothers are the least likely of the trio.

    - The other rumored names include Trent Barretta, Homicide and even Jay Lethal down the line.

    - The worse of the budget cuts are said to be behind TNA but more are still expected to come. A number of TNA Talent contracts will be expiring within the next few months and TNA will either try and negotiate for less money, re-work the deals or flat out let the talents go. This is also the reason TNA is running the 10-Man Tag as one contract is rumored to be expiring within the next few weeks.

    - There was also talk in the last week that TNA sent a memo to talent advising them on how to conduct themselves on social media.

    - Here's this week's Impact podcast with the Bad Influence:

    Credit to PWinsider and TNAsylum for this mixed, combined news.
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  3. No angle means no MEM vs A&Es 10 man tag team match, maybe an 8 man tag team match...
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