8/2 Impact Rating is in

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by leojay, Aug 4, 2012.

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  1. :upset:
  2. Ehhhhhhhh
  3. So were the other 1 million really old or really young? :dafuq:

  4. lololol

    I hope the figures go up next week
  5. Other than the AJ-Clare bullshit I thought it was one of their top 10 impacts of the year. Not sure how much that's saying though...
  6. That's saying a lot in most peoples eyes because Impact is good most every week.

    This rating sucks but it's not surprising in the least.
  7. :sad: Impact Wrestling should be getting more ratings. It's been doing good for weeks, and even with the AJ-Claire storyline it's a great show, and has great wrestling matches. I hope they start increasing soon since they'll start that Twitter stream now.
  8. if there was a way to track internet viewership......
  9. its called a view count o3o look up the episodes on youtube and daily motion and add them all together
  10. Could've been better, but still decent.
  11. Quarter Hour Ratings for August 2nd IMPACT
    Credit to PWTorch

    Bravo for Angle and Cowboy.:obama:
  12. I watched this week's impact and loved the matches. I only hated the Claire lynch thing, that's fucked up Russo BS.
  13. Pretty good Impact show. Give it a 9/10, the Claire thing humored me more then irritated me.
  14. 1.18 for a TNA segment? DAMN! Nice.

    Why can't they pull good ratings during Q1?
  15. ^It's 8/7PM. Nobody watches unless it's something hyped to death.
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