8/2 Impact Wrestling Discussion Thread

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    Preview Thursday's huge LIVE broadcast as the road to the August 12 "Hardcore Justice" Pay-Per-View event continues:

    - The broadcast will feature the IMPACT in-ring wrestling debut of Chavo Guerrero!

    -Last week accusations flew that James Storm may be involved with Aces and 8s. Could there possibly be any truth to these rumors?

    - IMPACT will feature a HUGE Bound For Glory Series main event match as Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle battles "Cowboy" James Storm! The competition for a shot at the World Title at "Bound For Glory" continues with two former World Champions battling on Thursday night on SpikeTV!

    - In tag team action, World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries teams with newcomer Kenny King against Bobby Roode and X Division Champion Zema Ion

    - TNA Knockouts executive Brooke Hogan makes her return to IMPACT for the first time since the brutal attack by The Aces & 8s gang on her legendary father, "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan

    - In Knockouts action, it will be Mickie James vs. Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne vs. Tara in a four-way #1 Contenders match for a shot at the Knockouts Championship

    All this and much more on Thursday's IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast LIVE at 8/7c on SpikeTV!

    Lets get this party started!
  3. Once again, I'll have to work late tomorrow. Asshats.

    Hopefully I'll get home in time to watch it live. If not, I'll do as I did last week and just talk to myself in the live thread. That was kind of fun in its own way.
  4. me too :kobe:
  5. Our employers suck. :finger:
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  6. This thread won't be that active then :sad:
  7. I'll be gone then too. Farooq, Seabs, MarkyMark... who dafuq will be here?
  8. ARre you kidding me?!?! :upset: DAMN YOU ALL!! YOU SLAVES TO YOUR JOBS :cry:
  9. Apparently you guys watch it earlier then i do , so i stay out of them to avoid spoilers
  10. Will everyone be off at a certain time tomorrow? We can have a Impact over Youtube discussion thread!
  11. TNA is such good quality lately :emoji_grin:
  12. Nicely hyped show, Can't wait. :hogan:
  13. Now that idea I like. I'll have it on my DVR to watch when I do get home. Sadly with my job there's no set time off. I have a meeting to cover at 6 CST, and it's a 20-30 minute drive from my house, so I just figure it'll be after 7 CST before I get back to watch it. If you or HWD'Z know approximately what time you guys will be on, I can wait and start it up then. Last week I was late so I didn't even bother to start watching it until after it had gone off.
  14. I'll be here!
  15. i like TNA!
  16. I'd love that but I don't get off until 9:00 local time which would be closer to 11 or 12 for the rest of you non-west coasters.
  17. I might miss the start of it because of work, but I should be here for most of it tonight.
  18. Fucking party pooper. I'll get on here and watch it whenever I get home.
  19. It appears that there will be a second BFG Series match tonight, this one between Bully Ray and Robbie E. The bully tweeted the following on his official twitter account and I quote:

    "Gonna chop da piss outta Robbie E tonight. Scar up his chest, make em bleed and beat him. Score 7 pts for da #BULLYNATION"
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