8 Biggest Mysteries Surrounding WWE in 2016

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by C.M. Shaddix, Jan 18, 2016.

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  1. 8 Biggest Mysteries Surrounding WWE In 2016

    What Culture made an article with the biggest Mysteries this year, my responses to these:

    8. Who Will The Undertaker Face At WrestleMania?

    I don't know, maybe Kevin Owens is the right move now... there is no one else really.

    7. Will Rollins Return As Heel Or Babyface?

    A baby face return sounds necessary for what WWE put him through last year making him look so weak on RAW, they should really put him over as a face now. I don't know what can take the wheel as top heel but it seems very necessary for him to be a top face now.

    6. How Will The Incoming NJPW Talent Be Used?

    Well, Vince has to commit to making them big stars for the thinning roster, they can't be guys that are just use to put who Vince wants over. Vince has to commit and push them.

    5. Daniel Bryan – Will He Ever Wrestle Again?

    I think so, at the rumble he should return, it appears the reason why Vince won't clear him is that he has become a threat to WWE crowd reactions the past few years, everytime he shows up at an event like the rumble all the crowd wants is him and they'll boo who Vince is trying to push. But Vince doesn't realize just subtracting Bryan from appearing at the Rumble won't help, idk how Florida will be but I get the feeling the only solution to the "Daniel Bryan Crowd Disease" is just Bryan himself. Vince will be cornered and will have no choice but to push the "troll" he doesn't want to be front man.

    4. Will Women’s Wrestling Actually Improve On The Main Roster?

    It is improving, i'll tell you that, we need story line improvement, however I can't see that happening with Total Divas Season 2... the idea of a reality TV show backing the Divas division kills it. It makes all feud in the Divas division all like a reality show, and reality shows make me sick. If WWE wants this to work, they need to pull all Total Divas stuff FROM the real WWE shows and keep anything from the reality show on E! This way the show still get it's ratings, just having a reality show apart of RAW is poison.

    3. What’s In Store For Finn Balor?

    Well, Finn comments how NXT seems to be the real main roster, but WWE will bring him up this year, one of the most shocking ways to do it how he teased, which is him entering the Rumble at Number 1 and AJ Styles at Number 2. But that won't happen because WWE will think it's too risky, which actually in this case is a good idea because THAT will make the fans go rouge at the rumble once they are eliminated and the rumble is all about Reigns. How can Finn debut safely to make him well recieved and not kill any reception on other superstars? Probably on the RAW after the Rumble or after Mania somehow...

    2. Will There Be Another Brand Split?

    This is only a good idea if the roster gets more depth, but RAW has a third hour on it which makes the B-Show seem like a weaker show to be apart of. I wouldn't recommend this if the shows have an uneven amount of time and not enough superstars, and SD should be live too, taping it kills show quality.

    1. Is WrestleMania Doomed?

    Sadly yes, knowing without Cena, Rollins, Orton, and Bryan and the creative team's mindset, it's not gonna work out well, no confidence this year WWE, no confidence.

    Thoughts on the 8 Mysteries?

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  2. 8. Either KO, Lesnar, Kane or Wyatt. I thought he'd be facing Cena, but given Cena's out prevents that scenario from happening.

    7. Babyface, I reckon.

    6. In a good way, hopefully. They deserve it.

    5. I'd like to stay optimistic and think YES!, he will. If he doesn't return at the Rumble, then I guess he might be cleared for a post-WM Raw.

    4. Probably not.

    3. Something good, hopefully.

    2. In a year or two, perhaps. What is more important, though, is cutting RAW back to 2 hours.

    1. I'm unsure if the show will be completely sold out and break the records of all past Mania's, but at least the card will be decent enough.
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