8 facts that will help you out with WF.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Jun 22, 2012.

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  1. 1) I check the awards thread about once a day or even two days, unless I'm in a conversation. So PM'ing me saying "Why ignore my nomination?" etc is pretty pointless.

    2) Saying things like "Am I funny yet?" and "Am I friendly yet?" drastically reduces your chances of getting those awards. Awards are given to those who I think will carry on. If I thought Seabs and Dolph's would stop posting about wrestling after they got BITW, none of them would have received it.

    3) Tagging me constantly makes me less enthusiastic about fixing whatever the hell you're spamming me over lol. The reason it isn't disabled is because Xanth's is, and one of us has to be there to fix stuff and tagging me gets my attention.

    4) I often forget to reply on Skype and/or am quite blunt sometimes on skype. Don't take it personal, I'm normally pretty busy.

    5) Calling football soccer makes my blood boil.

    [size=x-large]6) Xanth isn't actually fat. I've had quite a few PM's over the months asking if Xanth is really fat. No, we're not all bullies.[/size]

    7) Anonymous was the GOAT, yes.

    8) Dolph's and I are actually having a bromance.
  2. 7 facts that will help you out with WF.

    Never did any of these :boss1: except the soccer one
  3. RE: 7 facts that will help you out with WF.

    Do they not teach Maths in Cornwall? :otunga:
  4. 7 facts that will help you out with WF.

    WOW as if ppl actually pm'd asking if Xanth was fat! Really guys?
  5. RE: 7 facts that will help you out with WF.

  6. RE: 7 facts that will help you out with WF.


  7. I quick-edited it and added the bromance one. Cba'd the title. Should have known you noobs would mention it :emoji_slight_frown:
  8. 1 more fact? :upset:
  9. England>USA
  10. We have Metallica
  12. Really want to go down this road of English bands vs USA bands?

    Would be here all night!
  13. I'm just gonna say Jimi Hendrix then run off
  14. PMSL

    Hendrix rules will give you that.
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  15. :burns:
  16. [​IMG]
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  17. /me agrees. Because yellow teeth are so much better than white. :facepalm:
  18. And the end of the day:
    NOD America vs NOD UK vs Showoff America vs Showoff UK
  19. 9. Don't put DOTS in your thread titles.
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