8 Mistakes WWE Made That Killed The Diva's Revolution

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  1. WWE: 8 mistakes that killed the #DivasRevolution

    This is just repeating what everyone has been saying for weeks now, but it's a fine read nonetheless.

    I might also add a #9 that states, "Because women's wrestling in North America doesn't draw", but I'd probably get shouted down by some of the members here, so I'll leave that one alone. :titus:
  2. #9 continuing to use the term 'diva'.
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  3. Regardless, I still say the divas division is better than what it has been for years now.
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  4. True. But still, you can't help but cringe at how badly they've been booked since debuting.
  5. I'll add that Charlotte's hair extensions look ridiculously fake.
    I'm for women looking pretty if that's what they want, but WWE goes two extra miles by presenting plastic dolls as human girls.
    Jessicka Havoc would interest me far more than many of the dolls WWE features in this revolution.
    This is what a human girl actually looks and probably feels like. I'd tune in if they featured more every day women like this.
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  6. The divas division is fine. There's not much they can do with woman, that's why they were always in bikini contest, now they can't do that.
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  7. the divas division is a drag. its brutal having to watch 2-3 segments every night now
  8. 1... Hmmm, yes and no. While definitely a problem it's more about how the "revolution" happened on NXT, and they've crafted it in our brains that NXT and the Main Roster are two separate universes... so all they do is tell us how THIS IS A GREAT PRODUCT before showing us a shitty product, and we see what we see and get annoyed at what we hear, so double fail. It worked on NXT because we saw a great product, and they treat it like it's just something you're used to seeing, and we made up our own minds to realize "this is really good!"

    2: I wouldn't blame the old guard. Should it be more about the new girls? Yeah. But... A.M.F. can describe this better, but we need someone in there to be an actual heel. "but but but Sasha's great at it" Yes she is, but zero people want to boo her. "Great women's wrestler" is one of the most cheerable things in WWE right now. There's so many angles that you need to keep a Nikki Bella around for, and few of them actually involve making Nikki look good. That was a mistake.

    3: Yes, Total Divas is a wrong priority, but this is low on the list.

    4: A problem, yes, but one thing people are forgetting with the Divas' Debacle is that WWE can't write for the men, either. This isn't new. Yes, the womens' matches are meaningless. So are the men's. That's why the ratings are what they are.

    5: Awesome point we'd never think of. Big problem. It's MUCH easier to perform for a huge Takeover special than a random throwaway Raw match anyway. Plus, I've noticed that the girls on NXT get more freedom with spots and moves and etc, even on the regular show.

    6: YES YES YES. Doubt it was Ronda so much because she did (kinda) put her over, but the text that AJ Lee sent, but the reasoning doesn't matter. Stephanie has been way too involved in this. A great debut and the most important Divas match, and most important title change by proxy in history have been ruined by this woman. It needs to be about the girls, and now that they're done being petty, hopefully she can stay backstage where she belongs.

    7: No shit. Maybe this will be rectified now that Team Loreal is no more and we're getting a few individuals to build around, but we'll see. Not getting my hopes up.

    8: Another really systemwide problem, outside of a plan to "keep the belt on Nikki". Blah. Although it's pretty astonishing to consider 7 and 8 together, and wonder why anyone couldn't say "Maybe we should spotlight some people?" Seems like something Vince would jump on.

    As to Majour's point, I'm okay with the term "Diva" for now to describe this clusterfuck. They really need to earn the right to NOT use that name, imo.
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  9. It hasn't ever been good when you think about it. I give them credit for trying (because it but when you have a woman's roster mostly made up of what appears to be starving gym bunnies in lingerie, what true wrestling fan will take that seriously? Some of these women can really wrestle but they are used as "divas" instead of actual wrestlers.
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