8 Year Old Boy Marries 61 Year Old Woman

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  1. This is just.... I can't even...

  2. The guy is a stud nailing someone 53 years older than him. She brings a whole new definition to cougar.
  3. The woman is married anyway....

  4. heard about this. boy's ancestors from the dead "told" him to that he has to marry someone right now. he married that old woman. they aren't doing anything except physical, only having the title as married.

    weird shit. :silva:
  5. What. The. Fuck!?
  6. Well, I don't even begin to know what to say D:!
  7. I wonder where they spent their honeymoon and I Wonder if they fucked at least once... :haha:
  8. :dafuq: This is the strangest thing I have ever seen...
  9. This guy is really lucky, when he can have sex she won't be able to have any child
  10. :true:

  11. Also think about the other part, her wife can't reply "I'm in those days during the month" LOL

  12. Don't know the whole story but maybe his family was dying so his parents wanted him to get "married" which could kind of be like a legal guradian. Who knows.
  13. Homegirl is looking pretty good for 61.
  14. Oh shit. The world is getting crazier day by day. 0.0
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