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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Roi, Nov 28, 2013.

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  1. Joined exactly one year ago. You know how time flies, for those who dont know how I ended up here, i was just searching more info about this "anonymous cam" that hit a year ago. Decided to join. This was mah first thread/post http://wweforums.net/threads/aj-tlc-heel.15823/
    So here we go (Dont mind the Tags LOL)

    @NanoRah14 My bro, can't describe how much you have helped me, my favourite member in the forums even if we havent talked for a couple of months, you still my best buddy.
    @Adam Aries Even if I often make fun about you, I consider you one of my faves users. One of the most dedicated people I've ever talked to. I'm sure you will become a good wrestler someday. So glad you joined back in spring
    @Dat Kid From Jersey What can I say bout you? We all know you will end up making porn movies, and we all know thats the closest you will ever from touching a girl that isnt your mum. Great dude, friendly, great "leader". Forums wouldnt be the same for me without him ¡
    @Danielson One of the nicest guys in the forums, he has never been a dick to me, not even mad at me. He's hilarious and those videos he makes prove it. Would have a beer with him anyday anywhere. (Even if he's 8 years older LOL)
    @Crayo Mudblood. Just want to thank you (Along with Solidus and Xanth) for all the effort you have put into the site. Nice guys and hey crayo, have the feeling I will someday meet you (Not in catalunya, maybe Ibiza?)
    @Jonathan Mr Dominos itself, the biggest heel of the forums. Has always helped me when I needed help. Thank you so much buddy
    @Aids Johnson Remember back when I joined, I thought you were a dickhead, then we talked in skype and I met Grant (That was your real name right?) Anyways the funniest member in the forums IMO. Cant wait to have a match against you in the IWT.
    @Deth I'm not 12. Im probably taller than you bitch.
    @Britanica Catwoman, Mrs DX, you're a pretty cool member. Love how you stood for what you believe in
    @Rainman @GrammarNazi82 @Testify Have a huge respect for you three, you're like the "TNA Trio" always bring quality and make me laugh. I see Testify as TNAs mod.
    @KLockard23 Dude should work for WWE Creative. Love every single post you write. You put the "wwe" on wwef
    @Farooq or however his called now. Funny guy. Great taste of music (BUCKETHEAD BABAY)
    @Senhor Perfect @CM Punk @Stopspot @Seabs Great mods that have helped the site a lot. They know a lot about wrestling and have always been helpful
    @Emperor Lelouch Britannia You know you have always loved me :pipebomb: FTJ>>>>>>>>SE PUNK>>>>>>>>>
    @BrockLesnarFanForLife Go away. Cancer
    @Niggaswag Whats up bro.
    @Baraa come back bitch
    MPFags Didnt like you at first, you've become great members, glad you joined. @Vintage® you're awesome dude
    Then other great users in the forums (I will always forget someone, if so, sorry) Gav, rise, GeekGo., DK, Coon, Trip and Arab (For what Ive seen in the past month (Havent been really active) you two look like nice guys, hope we get to know each other better :emoji_slight_smile: )

    Thank you WWEF!
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  2. :yay:
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  3. Didn't get a tag in this for some reason, but thanks dude. Wrote something about you for the sites second year anniversary.
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  4. [​IMG] Congrats brother. Here's to another year!
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  5. Thanks man, I really appreciate it. Even though we haven't talked much in a while I still consider you my favourite guy here and you were the one who brought me here :emoji_slight_smile:
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  6. And you're...
  7. I see how it is. I tell you congrats and you act like that? I don't like you very much. I take that congrats back
  8. just kiddin mate, thank you LOL
  9. Ahhhhh, you had the hoff goin' there for a minute. I take back taking back that congrats. [​IMG]
  10. The seabs is impressed by the post by the OP.
  11. Congrats man,and, thanks for the mention.
    I said something about you as well in my post for the 2 year anniversary.
  12. I should probably write a post for the second year.
  13. I should write a speech for my one month anniversary coming up shortly
  14. [​IMG]
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  15. :mog: That is a lot of fruity meat!
  16. Congrats man! <3
  17. Hoff likes fruit
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  18. *see sig*
  19. I never left. Looking forward to next year, bro. If you ever need help, don't think it twice, PM ME!
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