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  1. Ok I know what you all think of me but please dont turn this thread into a hate thread im being serious with what I have to say about this subject

    September is close upon us and I am making this thread to remember the innocent people who were horribly killed on 9/11. It will be 11 years on Septemeber 11th 2012 since this horrific attack happened and to this day it still shocks me to the core that this actually happened back in 2001. Every year around this time there seems to be documentaries airing on tv to do with this which just takes you back to that day and re live the events. I do however find it tasteless considering the victims families see this. Not sure if they air these programmes in the USA but they do over here in the UK where I live. Anyway I want to pay my respects to the dead and hope god is looking after their poor souls. You are gone but not forgotten

    Feel free to leave a message in this thread anytime
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  2. Good thread. RIP to all those people who died during the towers collapse, and condolences to their families.
  3. I agree.

    A very emotional time for all the families involved. RIP to the lives lost on that day..
  4. Both well said. RIP.
  5. I'll respect that you feel that 9/11 needs a remembrance thread but I'll also give my honest opinion on this whole subject.

    It's been 10+ years since 9/11 and it is time to move on. There has been terror attacks of equal or bigger levels of gruesomeness both before and since but people have moved on from these, why not move away from it? The attack was nothing special in the form of terror attacks, airplane hijackings is not uncommon. The only difference was America at the time was under the rule of a gun toting idiot of a president who capitalized on it to get oil and establish an american powerbase in the middle east (I do not hate on you Americans here, I am simply stating that which is considered a common opinion on the guy known as possibly your worst president in modern times).

    England moved on from the London bombings, Norway has moved on from Utöya last year (a much more gruesome dead since almost 90% of the dead were children). The American people will never grow if the keep anchoring themselves to a event that is no longer that relevant. I no mean do I mean to disrespect those who died or those who suffered from it. I am simply stating that the American people as a nation need to let this go and become a part of history, and move forward towards the future.

    9/11 was definitely a sad event. But it has been more than ten years. Time to let it go.
  6. Can't agree with what you're saying. If any of the people would be a family member, you just have to let it go?
    Like when a family member dies a natural death, you're 10 years later, you just have to let it go?
  7. As an American, I do agree with Stopspot. RIP to the people who were lost there, and the families who lost their loved ones. It's time to move on though, nothing will be gained until we just put it on history and keep our eyes forward.
  8. My aunt who I was close to died last Christmas. It's 8 months since the funeral and I have let it go because it brings me nothing to walk around and be sad over it. I still miss her but burying yourself in something like that is never good.

    I am also not saying that the families affected should forget it or move on. I am saying that they as a nation need to stop defining themselves from a event like that when America as a nation has so much more.
  9. The Netherlands is still remembering the deaths of World War II every year on May 4. What's your opinion about that?
  10. Agreed. It's tragic, but it's time to move on.
  11. Moving on is okay, but showing respect is still needed and appreciated by many. If your moving on means forgetting it ever happened then you're offending a lot of people.
  12. WWII is a different piece of cake all together. Name a country that wasn't affected by World War 2 in some way. It was a massive world event that is a major corner stone of world history, killing millions if not billions. Also I am not against remembrance festivals but for something as "small" in comparison to world war 2 having yearly remembrance events for 9/11 devalues it. Having a memorial service every five or ten years would be fine. It is too small a event to need this much focus in our world history. It has not effected almost the entire world in the long term which WWII did.

    My key point is that it is not wrong to remember those dead from it. But stop defining the country around it. Americans should not be "the people who survived 9/11". They should be "The people from the land of the free and home of the brave" or something like that. I do not say the American people should forget this or stop honoring those dead but they don't need to make it a big country defining event every year.
  13. Not trying to be mean, seriously, RIP to all those that died, but why are people are still remembering this like this? yes you can take a quick moment to remember them, but don't do the same thing, over, and over again. I'm not saying forget, but as stopspot said, let it go.
  14. RIP Victims.

    I hope no one gets ideas here :eww:
  15. As a Canadian. At the time it was a horrific event as it unfolded. I still have newspapers from the days following that event.

    Yes, it was a tragic event. But it does not need to be rehashed every year.

    I believe Americans hype it more because it was an attack on their soil that destroyed a prized landmark in the WTC. If it happened in Canada. It would not have been publicized as much going forward.

    My biggest beef after that whole situation.
    Was how when election time rolled around, Rudy Guliani (who prolly had a legit chance at winning) would use it as a crutch as his entire campaign. Every third word from his mouth was 9-11!!! It was freaking maddening!!!

    I remember the day it happened. I was working nights and it happened on my drive home.... About an hour. Unfortunately, my car radio was broken at the time #fristworldproblems and I had no idea. Went home got to bed. Woke up around 3pm. Turned on the TV and asked my wife why the same movie was on Tv of these planes crashing into those buildings?

    It was a sad time. And mostly the USA uses it to rally behind the firemen and policemen and all the people who worked to find survivors...
  16. I'm genuinely quite surprised at these reactions. It's a remembrance thread. It's like telling a son remembering/appreciating his Mothers death twenty years later to move on.

    I completely agree with remembering and discussing the events each year around this time of this event. The whole of America was distraught, not just those attached to the victims. Also, many other countries were also affected emotionally.
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  17. Hate to disagree with you Stop but let me point out a couple of facts.

    First of all, the death toll (and injuries) as a result of the attacks on the WTC are much, much higher than any other terrorist attack. http://www.johnstonsarchive.net/terrorism/wrjp255i.html

    8,900 injured and nearly 3k dead. Not trying to make light of any other terrorrist attack because they are all terrible, but take the London bombings for example and you only have ~55 deaths by comparison. The events in Norway, while also tragic, don't compare either. Yes most of the deaths were children, but if you take the total # of children that died it is much greater from 9/11.

    Also you have to take into account that this was the first time since Pearl Harbor that any enemy of the US had attacked US citizens on American soil. That is crazy to think about since nearly 60 years passed between those two events.

    So while I can respect your opinion if you think it's time to move on, I don't think it's really appropriate to talk like that in this thread. Maybe if you lived here you would understand the feelings and emotions Americans feel towards the event, but 11 years doesn't seem like any time at all to me, and 'moving on' is not the answer. I know for me, even though I was 10 years old at the time and in 5th grade, I will never forget where I was and how I felt seeing the events unfold. It was so surreal, and even if I wanted to 'move on' it won't happen. It is forever ingrained in my memory. Every September 11th from here until the end of eternity will be for remembering the tragic events that occurred in 2001 and remembering those who were lost on that day.

    Last year on Sept. 12th (the day after, yes, but it was the 10th anniversary and the NFL was all about 9/11 memorials for it) I was at the Raiders season opener against the Denver Broncos (in Denver, CO). When it came time for the national anthem, instead of having a celebrity sing it like normal they just had an instrumental version of the song and the fans (nearly 80,000 of us) sang the lyrics. I had goosebumps the size golf balls, a lump in my throat, and a tear in my eye. It was one of the more emotional things I've ever been involved with.

    So yea, I'm all for remembering the events and honoring those we lost every year from now until the end of time.


    100% agreed man.
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  18. Fantastic post ^^, did you write that on your phone Dolph's? :O
  19. No lol. I've had Internet since last week :yay:
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