9/2 RAW - Why does Big Show care so deeply about Daniel Bryan?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Mr. Perfect, Sep 3, 2013.

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  1. Since when? Did I go into a coma and miss some episodes? He's crying about having to knock out Bryan?
  2. It was dumb, makes me thankful MNF is starting next Monday. Show is bigger and stronger then Bryan but having him not want to hurt the future WWE champ and most over guy was weak. Why don't they just have show beat Orton if they are going to portray Bryan as someone show is afraid to hurt. Also, is every Raw going to end with the Sheild beating up Bryan? It's getting sickening to me.

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  3. It's cringe worthy to watch. I get having sympathy for Bryan but Big Show crying as excessively as he is like he's in all kinds of mental anguish is too over the top for me. Him even refusing to wrestle him is also pushing the sympathy card a bit far. The idea is that all the wrestlers are competitors anyway, so what's one match against Bryan gonna hurt. It's not like it was a career match or something and he thought he'd be ending Bryan's career by defeating him. I also don't buy into the fact (in case someone mentions it) that he felt he could legitimately hurt Bryan because of the size difference when Bryan just defeated John Cena, who has gone over Show plenty of times. I know they like Show to be the Friendly Giant but he's being too soft here.
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  4. World's Largest Athlete Pussy
  5. I get the story but Show's acting is waay over the top (don't know if that's on him on they told him to do so but either way) and I also think this is starting to focus a bit too much on Show.
  6. Poor Show, I remember them trying so hard to make him relevant back in the day. Seemed like he was doing well when I started watching again recently (ADR WHC feud). Then the break. Now he comes back all lean and mean (for a giant) with a contract. Hopefully this goes somewhere for the big guy.
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