A Adminstrator Thing I am Ready to me am Admin! PROVE!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Mar 31, 2013.

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    @Crayo @Xanth @Dirk Diggler @Stopspot "randy for admin" "you should become WWE Forums admin. go do a promo." :pipebomb:

  2. You didn't tag me properly :sad:

    Also resize that picture, admins need to know that. Then you need to recite the internet code forwards and backwards before posting nudes in Area 47. Sorry forum rules, for extra points recite the WWEFORUMS.NET anthem in Swedish
  3. Idk how u do it? ur name there and @ is there it should work!
  4. Haha. Internet Explorer. :mad2:
  5. Internet Explorer loll

  6. Im next in line for staff, buddy. Everyone knows it.
  7. It doesn't bug me that you use IE, it just bugs me that you use it when you have Chrome right next to it.
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  8. You have to do it like this, if it's for a username without spaces (@username) and if it's for a username with spaces (@"user name")

    Internet Explorer when you have other explorers? I would understand that if you don't have any other explorers but having others...
  9. You forgot to like my post and agree, i clearly am next in line.
  10. Internet explorer. :facepalm1:
  11. It my dad laptop and he only have 5g a month! Chrome TAKE TO MUCH GEEBITES UP! AND I not paiding money for use up his Monthly geebites limt online! so i have not chice but to use Internet Explorer! I don't big deal is anyway!? u guys make sound like IE SUCK! When not that back.
  12. IE DOES SUCK! Also if you're loading a page doesn't it use the same amount of data usage no matter which browser you use?
  13. GOHAN FOR CHAIRMAN OF WWEF :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:IPEBOMB:
  14. It doesn't matter what limit your dad has on the internet. It's going to use the same amount whether you use IE, Chrome, Firefox, Comodo Dragon etc.
  15. Don't mention Comodo, he'll go to the zoo.
  16. No anything google/youtube go against my dad laptop and take part geebites away. that told him when he call on phone. so i can't use Chrome i have to use IE dads onder. and i never had a probalm with IE so i don't see probalm with it?
  17. You obviously have a cable leak if that's making them go missing, are you wired or wireless?
  18. wireless. my dad live to far away to get online that is non limit a month. he baisc get u know how cell phone have limit on how many min. u can used a month!? that what he has for online! I KNOW GAY!
  19. Yeah I'm pretty sure you have geebit leak, could you run a virus scan?
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