Kayfabe A backstage exchange! (I'm bad at titles...)

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  1. *The camera feed opens to show Jack Rogue, back to the camera, ordering food over the counter in the canteen backstage at Precision*

    Cook: Pasta or soup, Mr. Rogue?

    Jack: Pasta, please. Thank you.

    *Rogue walks away to the right of the frame, his plate of bolognese in hand, when he notices the cameraman. Jack pauses, then beckons as he walks over to an empty table and sits down. As the cameraman walks over, we get a brief glimpse of multiple Precision competitors in the crowded canteen, including Will Neilson and Rhys Haze sharing a joke at a nearby table, and Chris "Doomsday" Parks alone and brooding over his soup in the background. The cameraman sits opposite Rogue who smiles into the camera over his plate, then looks up to speak to the cameraman*

    Jack: Hey man, how've you been? Family good?

    *There's an inaudible mumbling from behind the camera, which causes Jack to smile*

    Jack: Oh, good. What're you filming here for, then? I already had my camera time this week, didn't I?

    *Further mumbling prompts a nod from Rogue, who begins to tuck into his food*

    Jack: Yeah, that makes sense. I guess the canteen's the heart of any backstage area. I've met more wackos in wrestling than I can count, but never have I met any wrestler that didn't enjoy their food. I've certainly heard of stuff like that happening - I bet you get paid for your stuff alright.

    *Jack laughs and continues his plate of pasta, along with the conversation, as another figure walks into the background*

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  2. Alice Xander, who was told to go home earlier in the evening walks into the background and grabs a chair from one of the other tables, causing a fat chick who was just about to sit down to fall on here ass, and moves it to Jack's table and sits next to him. Alice didn't even realise that a girl just fell over.
    Alice: Hey! You're Jack Rogue! Damn man, big fan of your work! Name's Alice...
    Impersonates a Mexican Aristocrat, badly.
    Alice: But of course! You already know that... Anyway, now that the pleasantries are over... Well, mine are at least, you've just been scoffing down a bolognese. I need to ask you a favour. You know, since we're best buds now, would you mind having a match with me this week? I ain't been booked and I wanna wrestle so what do you say?
    Alice slaps Rogue on the back in a friendly way, but really hard and it causes Rogue to cough up some spagbol.
  3. *Rogue desperately tries to clean up the pasta that Xander just slapped out of his throat, and turns round in his chair to reply*

    Jack: Um... hey... Alice? Do you prefer Mr. Xander? Anyway, thanks for providing me with this opportunity to face the #1 contenter to Precision's Undisputed Championship... I feel it'd certainly be an interesting match. But I was keeping a very close eye on events here in Precision before my arrival and there's a very good reason why Mr. Blake has refused to book you this week. You're concussed, Alice, and you need to face up to the fact that competing tonight would not be smart. Your health is the most important thing in your life, man - it's easy to be too reckless when your career's so young. But, if you don't rest up over the next few weeks you'll regret it when concussions become a recurring problem for you. Have you heard the stories of wrestlers who got multiple severe concussions? Continuing to wrestle is not worth that, nothing is. I'm not going to wrestle you tonight, because you need to rest and recover from the injuries you've sustained. Go see the trainer, and then go home. For your own sake.
  4. Alice, having being given the same speech twice in one night, is rather frustrated at Jacko's response. He gets up out of his seat and smacks Jacks plate of spagbol off of the table in anger.
    Alice: Why does every damn person in the freaking world think they're a freaking doctor!? Why can't this be my choice? I want to wrestle and I am wrestling tonight. I liked you answer though Jacky boi because it did tell me something... You're a damn coward! I'm not gonna like Jack, I was a massive TWF fan and guess who was my favourite wrestler?... Yeah, you. Because look at you, man! You're a tan-less, ugly, midget red-head with no fashion sense and that's all everyone saw... You was always told that you were nothing and despite that you kept fighting to prove those who said you can't wrong. Look at me Jack, I dye my hair pink, I come out to the ring to Barbie Girl and I dress up like I got shot out of the Pink Panther's penis and into Meg Griffin's nether regions.
    That image takes Rogue back a bit.
    Alice: You've been wrestling for years man and I've been doing this for 2 months. You've proven your critics wrong and now I want to do the same, and you have the audacity to refuse me that? Jack, does it bother you that through all your hard work, and the years you've put in to this business, you've never had a World title shot? Whereas I, in 2 months, will have had 2 shots? That in 2 months, I've accomplished more that you've done in your entire career? Does it bother you boy!? Does it!?
    Alice, trying to goad Rogue into accepting a match with him, seems to have succeeded because Rogue gets off his chair and looks to smack Alice dead in the chops, but before he could do anything however, Precision GM Ryan Blake intervenes.

    To be continued... By me, tomorrow. G Night!
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    Precision General Manager Ryan Blake jumps into frame like a cat on speed, quickly getting in thee way of Jack Rogue and preventing him from kicking the crap into Alice.
    Mr Blake: Jack, chill man! What in the hell's going on here boys, huh?! And more to the point, Alice... I told you to take the week off, what're you even still doing here?
    Alice, at this stage, won't even take shit from the boss.
    Alice: Well, since you were a little too concerned about my well being, I thought I'd try to get a match for tonight without your permission and I kinda goaded good old Jack Rogue into wanting to beat the crap into me before you showed up, answer your question?
    Blake calms Jack down and Jack sits back down in his seat, trying to cool off.
    Mr Blake: Alice, this needs to stop. You're picking fights with people and you're being aggressive and I didn't sign you for that. I signed you because of your entertainment, not this. You're not being entertaining and so quite frankly you ain't doing your job, and if you don't do your job, then you're no no use. I know you want to compete but acting up and picking fights ain't going to help you get what you want. I'm not telling you as your boss right now, I'm telling you as someone who been through and seen it all in this business. Just take a brake and walk away. Go home, get some rest, heal up come back at the PPV and put on the show I know you can and do what you do best and entertain. Just go home man.
    Alice is looking at the floor, taking in everything Blake has said and momentarily composing himself.
    Alice: Thanks for caring and all but if I were to go home and walk away, I'd be no better than that pussy Buster Gates. I'm not going home... Ya know what, yo're booking me tonight and that's not a request anymore, I'm telling you too... Because if you don't, I'm going to slap the taste out of Jacky's mouth and then see if you'll be able to stop him from beating the crap into me. You want that? Don't you think that it'd be safer for me to be in the confines of a match and protected by rules as apposed to having Jack smashing my skull in and leaving me brain dead?Because I don't care how good of a person you are, you get slapped in the face, you hit back. What's it going to be then boss?
    Mr Blake: Alice, don't you fucking dare!
    Alice: Or what? You'll fire me? You fire me and I'll slap Rogue in the face, and he'll destroy me, and then what, huh? A lawsuit? Yeah, in fact, go-on, fire me!
    Mr Blake: okay, fine! Ya know what? You wanna die? Fine! You got your match tonight. But, I'm going to write up a contract that states that if you end up getting hurt or killed, then your family can't sue, because I'm not risking it. You get hurt, it's on you! Got it?
    Alice: Fine by me... See you out there Jacky boi!
    Alice walks off, happy that he got his match, leaving Mr Blake furious and Jack calming down as the show goes back to the commentary table.

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