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  1. As the Summerslam pre-show rolls on, The Blade's theme fills the arena to a massive ovation. The newly crowned Iron Man Champion makes his way through the curtain with much enthusiasm. He has the Iron Man Championship around his waist, and a microphone in hand. The crowd is chanting "Blady" over and over again as he makes his way down the ramp. He has a much more positive expression on his face, obviously happy with the result of his match with Harrison Payne. He rolls under the bottom rope and stands in the center of the ring, taking in the warm reception from the crowd.

    "The Blade thanks you for that. Truly he does. It humbles him to know that he has so many supporters in his quest to vanquish evil from this company. However, even though he is still committed to his quest, The Blade sees tonight as a chance for celebration. For the first time in his short career, The Blade holds a championship that must be defended weekly. No longer will The Blade have to wait long periods of time between defeating all forms of evil in here. He will be able to eradicate the dastardly foes that pollute this company one by one until he is eligible to move even closer to challenging Buster Gates for his World Heavyweight Championship. Until then, The Blade will not rest easy until he can meet Buster Gates again."

    "Although, that is still a way off. Tonight The Blade is faced with a mystery opponent. So, without further ado, could The Blade's opponent please come out here so we could familiarize with one another before our battle later tonight."

    The Blade drops his arm to his side as he stares at the stage, awaiting his mystery opponent to enter.

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  2. Suddenly the chants of "Blade" are cut off by one man's theme music. Tyson Blade's theme hits as the crowd welcomes the "Innovator of Elevation" with the sound of mostly cheers, however, boos can be heard from the crowd. This is not because of their dislike of Tyson, it's just because of the popularity of The Blade. Tyson walks onto the ramp and taunts like his usual self, although he eventually sets his sights on the masked man stood in the middle of the ring. He points at Blade, as both men lock eyes with smiles on their faces. Tyson struts down the ramp as normal, oozing swagger and confidence. He shakes a few of the fans hands who are sat at ringside, after a while of taking in the crowd reaction, Tyson quickly slides into the ring and gets to his feet. Blade runs and jumps onto the second turnbuckle and nods along to his theme music until he looks back at his fellow Blade Brother. He slowly gets down from the turnbuckle and is given a microphone. He makes eye contact with The Blade once more, as it seems that these two might finally clash and cross paths again.

    "Well, if it isn't former World Heavyweight Champion and current Iron Man Champion, The Blade!"

    The crowd roar at the sound of Blade's name, they begin to chant his name for several seconds, as Tyson pauses and smiles at the reception that Precision's most popular superstar is getting.

    "It honestly doesn't surprise me that you are so beloved by these people here tonight and everyone watching at home. I mean you're the ultimate good guy; you're on every piece of merchandise that is sold by Precision; people buy tickets and tune in to watch you on this show every week; when this company is even brought up in conversation, you are the person who first comes to mind when people think of us. I know many people who've done bad things in this company and have gone through with unspeakable and disgusting acts, but you've never done anything like that. You fight against the evils of this business, no matter how lost the battle seems you carry on and keep coming back for me. For me, my fight is lost. Last week, I lost my chance at ultimately the only thing I came back for and the only thing I wanted. The World Heavyweight Championship. I've got nothing left to lose at this point and what would the biggest event of the summer be without a match that the fans have wanted to see for a long time."

    Tyson wipes his forehead, as the crowd erupts now knowing why he has decided to come out here. The stage is set for a match between the Blade Brothers. A match that has been heavily rumoured for a long time.

    "Like I've said before, I have nothing left to lose and I need to speak my mind instead of being irritated, but keeping a smile on my face. Every time I walk out here and try my god damn best to be as good as I can be and trust me I know how good I can be, it's still never enough. As much as I like you Blade, it's all your fault."

    The crowd boo at Tyson as it seems like he is blaming his own failures and faults on The Blade. Tyson quickly begins to elaborate before the atmosphere turns too sour.

    "You see no matter how much good I do, no matter how much I put my body on the line for these people, no matter what accomplishments I have attained throughout my career, none of it matters and that is all because of you. Even though I started off in this company before you, I have always been in your shadow. I've always been the one who has been claimed to have followed in The Blade's footsteps, being able to show that it doesn't matter if you're a big guy or not, you can still succeed in this business. However, that is completely wrong. You're the one who is following in my footsteps, Blade! You're starting an uprising here, showing that you can defy authority and it doesn't matter what management say, you can still be a big star in this industry. I did that first! I proved that smaller guys can succeed! I was the longest reigning TWF World Heavyweight Champion of all time, the longest reigning 24/7 Hardcore Champion of all time, the only man to win the Gauntlet of Champions and I am the only man to cash-in on the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania. I've started many trends since I've been here like I said before about small guys being able to be triumphant, I mean why do you think I garnered the nickname "The Innovator of Elevation". It frustrates me that you could argue that I am the biggest veteran and most accomplished guy on this roster yet I'm treated like I belong on the pre-show of every Pay-Per-View. I'm sick and tired of being taken as a joke and what better way for me to prove my worth by defeating The Blade on the biggest event of the summer. Tonight, I end a drought of frustration, underestimation and a drought without championship gold and tonight I will become the Iron Man Champion. I'll see you later, buddy..."

    Tyson drops the microphone, as he ends his little rant. He winks at Blade while his theme begins to play in the background. Tyson walks up the ramp with a neutral crowd reaction after what was just said. The segment ends with The Blade alone in the ring, hyping up the fans for the rest of the SummerSlam PPV.

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