Kayfabe A Blemish on a Perfect Day

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*The opening video package for Ignition’s intro plays on screen, followed by pyro. After the pyro, the crowd in attendance chant Ignition. *

Tony Eckert: Hello everyone and welcome to Saturday Night Ignition, live from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

Reese MaCleod: What a star studded show we have tonight Tony. First off, we hav….

*Before Reese can continue, he is interrupted a voice over saying*

Voice Over: Welcome to the Syndicate.

Reese: Oh, no not these guys.

*The crowd erupt with boos, following the voice over the theme song of Lord Fireshock plays*

*Lord Fireshock walks out in his entrance gear, even more boos start at the slight of Lord Fireshock. The crowd are very hostile chanting f*uck you Fireshock, and screw you Lord. *

Tony: This place sounds like they are going to start a riot.

Reese: Can you blame them?

Emerson: This guy makes me sick.

*The self-professed Lord finally steps into the ring with his traditional custom made microphone. He stands in the centre of the ring. He does not however speak, instead he pays close attention to the boos and chants from the crowd. Nearly the entire arena chants you screwed Bryce, still angry over Lord Fireshock’s actions with the help of the Syndicate to injure Bryce and beat him at Viewer’s Choice. *

Lord Fireshock: Bryce Frisco ….

*The crowd cheer at the mention of Bryce’s name, Lord Fireshock pauses noticing the arena fill with sound of Bryce chants*

Lord Fireshock:
Is gone forever.

Lord Fireshock: Oh, how long I have waited to say that.

*Those chants of Bryce quickly turn to boos and more you screwed Bryce chants. *

Lord Fireshock: The last trace of KOW is gone. A prefect memory, the look on the everyone’s face, the crowd, the announce team and everyone in the back was so beautifully. When, I sent him crashing through a table from the top rope with one Shockplex and the three numbers I have been waiting to hear for over three years. One, two, three.

*No chants emerge from the crowd*

Lord Fireshock: Deny it all you like, it’s no longer a dream of mine. It’s now reality. Hmm, now that I think about it, the title of Lord Fireshock is now a redundant title, isn’t it? So, from now you may now call me …….. King Fireshock. The one, the only and the greatest King of Wrestling peasants.

*More no chants*

King Fireshock: What a almost perfect day it was. The key part of that sentence was “almost”. What should have been the greatest day in my life, had a terrible blemish. During the Syndicate’s routine beatdown of your heroes, a certain so called “sensational” fool decided to get involved with our business. In an act of pure idiotic nature, he decided to attack yours truly, hitting me with a Trouble in Paradise, sending me crashing into the steel steps.

*The Crowd chant for Minho over the beatdown, King Fireshock is getting more and more angry. *

King Fireshock: Minho, who the hell do you think you are boy? You dare attack me? As if the name King Fireshock is a common wrestler, you can try to intimidate and assault. Well, Minho you have made a terrible choice. You could have sat by that table like a good little singer. No, you had to be foolish and interject yourself into Syndicate business. The King of Wrestling therefore, has been given no choice by your actions, I must put this rebel who dares to attack the Syndicate empire … down myself.

*King Fireshock sees a fan with a picture of Minho in the front row, he steps out the ring and walks up to the fan. He takes the picture of Minho and throws it down on the outside of the ring. He steps on the picture and laughs. *

King Fireshock: Ah, just where he belongs under my boot.

*He steps on top of the picture again, before walking away from it to the backstage area to prepare for his match later in the evening. *

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