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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by seabs, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. Now I don't watch NXT too much although along with DG:USA it's on my to do list so my opinion may not be as well thought out as it I tend to think it is but still here we go.

    Bray Wyatt is a phenomenal speaker we all know that, if you don't see the video below.


    He has an interesting look to say the least and he's got an enthralling character with phenomenal depth, some may say this is his biggest strength, now I agree but it could also be his achilles heel. NXT is a breeding ground for young talent without all the shackles the WWE society supplys it's performers with. Now say Bray gets called up to the big stage of Raw, will they be able to flesh out his character aswell as has happened on NXT? The answer sadly for me is no, we've seen Damien Sandow requires too much thought for them to book him in anything but tag team matches with Cody now Bray is just as if not more difficult to properly book, they tapped into a psychotic character once before with Randy Orton, sadly they took all his tendancies shortly after they happened, a prime example being the punt to Vince followed by a look of fear and regret rather than a psychotic smile. Anyway I'm running off into another example of the lack of character planning with the WWE so I'll leave you with these questions.

    How would you book Bray?

    How do you think they'll book Bray?

    Can he battle their booking and become a top tier guy on his own merit?
  2. He seems 'different' and stands out from everyone else, which is why I'm interested. He reminds me of the heel Jake Roberts from early 90's for some reason.

    I won't be Mr. Negative and say that WWE will obviously screw up with Wyatt because they didn't screw up (yet) with Ambrose and Rollins. They introduced them (along with Roman Reigns) as The Shield and they've had an awesome debut thus far. That gives me enough reason to put faith in WWE to actually properly introduce a debuting star with plenty of potential. Hopefully, they will pleasantly surprise with Wyatt as they did with The Shield.

    I've heard something about him having a 'family' in NXT or something. Maybe I misheard, but the idea of someone who is mentally off having his own 'family' is interesting in a creepy and dark sort of way. Either like Charles Manson and his 'family' or like the Sawyer family from the old Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies ((minus the chainsaw and murders and cannibalism.)
  3. His Character is inspired by the book/film Cape Fear. He is an insane redneck preacher from Lafayette who picks up down and out people and gives them a "purpose and goal" in his family. Whilst being creepy as hell. He called himself the boogeyman in his vignettes. He is a fantastic character, deep, enthralling and interesting.
  4. Wrestling also needs more fat guy heels. Having everyone be a muscle head gets a bit stale.
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  5. [video=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-17Q7jh2_A[/video]

    Fuck you forum

    Sign him up. Flipping fatties rule.
  6. Sounds awesome. We haven't had a dark gimmick like that in quite a while.
  7. He's even making Bo Dallas look good (Bo is his real life little brother, both sons of IRS). They are running some kind of program were Bray Wants Bo to "join the family".
  8. Stopped nine seconds in and automatically thought someone has been watching Forrest Gump too many times.

    But that promo was awesome despite having in edited cricket noises, for what was obviously a shoot set. He nails that gimmick and it would be ashamed if he didn't come to WWE with it. I could even see him pairing up with Swagger and Zeb which would be a good way for him to get some immediate exposure, even though he probably doesn't need a mouthpiece based on that...even though rehearsed
  9. There is a shoot promo he did for a promo excersise that was leaked onto youtube that is absolutely amazing. I posted it in the "how do we fix the Bo Dallas problem" thread. Go listen to that. The man is quick when it comes to improvising.
  10. Want to be optimistic, really hope they book him well, as a psychotic heel he can work wonders.
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