A Bryan/Jericho Feud For The Intercontinental Title Could Be A Classic

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Mar 23, 2015.

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  1. Assuming Bryan wins the Intercontinental Championship either at Wrestlemania or sometime after, who thinks this would be an excellent feud to have happen later in the year? Summerslam would feel most appropriate since it's the next big PPV, and I'd like to see this rivalry built into something that feels meaningful rather than treated as just some filler title defense. A few reasons why it would be worth booking:

    1. They've wrestled only like once since being together on the main roster (a match in early 2013), so it would be fresh.
    2. The match(es) itself would be great, especially if they were given anywhere between 15 and 25 minutes to do their thing.
    3. Jericho has held the Intercontinental Championship a record number nine times, so the storyline could start out being that Jericho wants to win his big 10th IC Title.
    4. It would be The Man Who Beat Steve Austin And The Rock In The Same Night vs The Man Who Beat Evolution All In The Same Night. (Jericho would be the heel in this feud, so him bragging about something that he accomplished only with dirty tactics would fit his character.)

    Properly booked, this could be a classic rivalry over the Intercontinental Championship. I know the words "Properly Booked" are a somewhat despairing pair of words to use when talking about WWE, but assuming it was so, I believe they could stretch this one out to at least three PPV matches. They could maybe even do a Submission Match in there somewhere since both guys have submission finishers, and if they really want to show they're all in with wanting to make the IC Title look uber-important again, they could book a HIAC match between them in October as the final blow-off to the feud (I don't think that much would really be necessary, but it's an idea.)
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  2. The Intercontinental title is a lost cause, bro.
    Unless you can assure me that the title holder will be main event material immediately after dropping it, this conversation is null and void.
    The only reason title ever meant anything was because people who held it went on to be main event material.

    Guarantee me that and I would reconsider that title significant again. No offense, buddy, but you're grasping for straws if you believe that belt will mean anything just because a couple of jobbers are wrestling for that thing.
  3. This program does sound fun. I believe I'd enjoy it if it's booked well as you mentioned.
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  4. Chris Jericho has stated multiple times that he would love to work with DB.. the most recent one coming in the form of him trying to pursue a feud where Jericho is heel.. I'd be all down for it!
  5. I'd love it if it happened!
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  6. Jericho has said before that he only works programs that mean something, so having him with danielson could totally make the belt relevant. I am sick if bad fueds and poor booking making this once prestigious belt look bad.

    Please make this happen.
  7. Fan-dang-go......
  8. My point exactly, that's why he declined the rumble return 2 months ago
  9. Y2J returning as a heel to feud with DB would be sweet. It could really work out well if they booked it properly.
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  10. I am still standing by the fact that Daniel Bryan should be a heel, I absolutely DESPISE him as a face. In fact, I was there when he cashed in, and he got the same loud pops as he did when he was a face.

    God, I miss heel Bryan. His bad guy, dick head attitude is so lovable.
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  11. I love Bryan either way, whether he's a heel or a face.

    I'm not expecting a heel turn from Bryan any time soon, though. But dayumn, I loved 'edgy' Bryan when he was feuding with Reigns.
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  12. I like to keep the faith. Even if it is starting to feel a bit like Battered Wife's Syndrome at this point.

    I'd say Daniel Bryan going after the title just a year after headlining Wrestlemania makes it feel like it's of some noteworthiness, at least for the time being. I have high hopes for Ambrose's future as well, so him going after it doesn't hurt either. The fact that so many holders of the belt went on to win the world championship shortly after does help in making the title feel distinguished, but I also don't believe it's a necessity either. Honky Tonk Man, Mr. Perfect and Razor Ramon all had memorable reigns with the belt even though none of them ever won any world titles afterwards. You can argue that they're the exceptions rather than the rule, but still.

    All that aside, even one well-booked feud can make a belt feel relevant again, they just need to be able to keep it that way once that particular feud ends. Bryan vs The Miz made the US Title feel important again in 2010. The same with Zack Ryder vs Dolph Ziggler a year later. And with Rusev vs Cena right now. A well-told story involving the championship can easily restore the title to it's former glory, they just need to keep providing consistent enough booking that maintains that perception. It's not rocket science and they have a fairly sizable enough talent pool to do it with.
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  13. Proper WWE booking (let's be honest, they have the ability to do things right) with Face Bryan vs Heel Jericho would make me give a shit about the title again. I agree with Lockard23 too, feuds like Ryder vs Ziggler make the titles look like what they should be; when I first got into WWE, I saw the crowd going ballistic for Ryder as he chased Ziggler's US title and it made them look so good. The crowd will be into this one, and the IC title will look important again.
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