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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Dec 20, 2014.

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  1. I was thinking about this the other day after revisiting the idea thanks to a post by @Paige is Hot .

    I believe a small part of NXT's ongoing success is that they have the one arena at Full Sail University in Florida that they always perform in. So the effect the local crowd has on the show is greater IMO.

    So in brainstorming I came up with this.

    1.WWE, you're still making millions and millions of dollars a year right? Before you go under thanks to the failing WWE network and ratings dropping - buy some land and build your own smaller static WWE arenas in major cities across the country. Not unlike the NXT arena. Start with just a few and expand if it works out.

    2. Expand your roster. Numbers are dwindling. More diversity = more fan choices for who to cheer for = more fans in the seats = more $$$! Have certain superstars be "based" at these new mini-arenas to minimize travel needs. Of course certain feuds will still require travel, but smaller house shows could still take place every week with anyone not in a major "on tv" feud. But these "house shows" could also be broadcast on the network if desired.

    3. Make RAW 2 hours again. Have the RAW and Smackdown tapings make routine stops at these new mini-arenas along with the same tried and true traveling business model. Hell they could even "jump" the feed between these new statically located arenas to help fill in the shows with more actual matches instead of filler crap like it is now.

    I'm sure I'll get some criticisms, but what do you guys think? Any suggestions to make it better?
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    Failing WWE Network? It hasn't been out for not even a year and it's failing? Netflix got big in 2007, 10 years after the initial launch. That just tells you that even the big dogs need a long time to get that big.
  3. Ok sorry. Not failing, but clearly not hitting the numbers they were hoping for by now.
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  4. :true:
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    Let's look at NXT's situation in particular:

    It is located at Full Sail University. This dynamic suggests that this particular audience is filled with adults of OUR demographic.
    WWE does not cater to our demographic, they cater to children and the parents who invest in the interests of the child.
    NXT does not have to concern themselves with that demographic, but they do have to toe the politically correct line.
    NXT is on a campus, compacted with people who don't have fluctuating mortgages. They simply grab a buddy and head to the arena.

    College towns are heavy pickings for WWE shows, even better if WWE is catering to them. They aren't, however, which is why NXT has been successful.
    It can't be cheap for WWE to have done this, so doing this sporadically would be an investment.
    NXT has the tools, manpower and passion to keep this ball rolling (In addition to University compliance). In other words, Full Sail was a perfect storm.

    I do like your idea, but the location and compliance of everyone involved would be of utmost importance.
  6. Indeed. See this is constructive criticism at its best. :bodallas:
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  7. yes to two hour raws, no to static arenas. The only reason full sail works is because it is on a college campus, so there is always new people coming and going to the crowds. eventually static crowds will get burned out, ala TNA
  8. Oh I didn't know they had static crowds in TNA
  9. yup, they shot everything from a soundstage at universal up until 2013. Then when the big arenas didn't work out they started shooting from a casino in philly (ish) and the manhattan center, and got smaller and smaller crowds over time
  10. :urm: Well that changes things lol
  11. If wrestling stops touring then wrestling dies.

    Unless it is a small outfit like PWG which runs once every 6-8 weeks from the same venue. That way it doesn't over saturate itself. But the WWE is a weekly product, it needs to be in a new place every week. Hell, NXT is shot once a month to avoid the over saturation of Full Sail.

    Wrestling is based in carnivals and circuses, and those live off the tour
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  12. I'd like it if RAW was 2 hours long and we had Smackdown, NXT and a show dedicated to the female wrestlers on the WWE Network. Revamp commentary, give midcarders more of a push when they're doing well, let Triple H book the new NXT called up guys so they don't get messed around by erratic Vince, and fix booking. Do this and make sure there's a stronger emphasis on the midcard and titles. There should be a 'big fight feel' to the majority of championship matches, which could be fixed by only 6 PPVs a year but hey, it's a big draw for DA NETWORK FUR UHNELHHHH NINE NINTY NINE.
  13. Cutting Raw time and giving someone who has a clue the book would be great improvements.
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