News A car runs over a small boy's head but he survives UNHARMED (Video)

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by CM Punk, Jan 24, 2014.

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    GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: THIS is the heart-stopping and miracle moment a small boy rises from almost certain death and rushes towards his injured granny after an out-of-control car ran over his head and body in Brazil.

    Onlookers feared both were dead after the vehicle smashed into them and crushed Joao Pedro Nascimento under its wheels.

    But the youngster picked himself up with just a few cuts and bruises on his face - and ran to aid grandmother Vilma, 56, as they waited for an ambulance to arrive.

    They were walking home from Joao's school in Anapolis near Goiaina, central Brazil, when they were hit.

    A Chevrolet struck by a speeding Honda on an unmarked crossroads smashed into a parked VW Golf which then careered into them at speed.

    Both wheels run over Joao's head - but he was released the same day from hospital after tests.

    His gran was allowed home the day after Tuesday's horror smash, filmed on a camera overlooking the street.

    Vilma, who suffered light wounds to her legs and feet, said: "I feel as if we've been born again. It's a miracle we're still alive.

    "Joao doesn't even look as if he's been run over.

    "I saw how the car crushed him and he ran towards me but when I saw blood coming out of his nose and mouth I feared the worst.

    "I only calmed down when they said in hospital his injuries were superficial.

    "I was terrified about the idea of something bad happening to my grandson while I was in charge of him.

    "The hand of God helped us and thankfully we're okay."

  2. Fucking scary that sounds :mog: Glad he's okay, we had a kid got hit just outside my house about a year ago. It's a scary and horrible feeling watching a kid go away in a ambulance, but such a relief when you find out they're fine.
  3. You watch the video?
  4. I can't watch that.
  5. :okay:
  6. Sorry, can't watch a kid get hit by a car yo. Even if he is okay, just not really anything I can stomach.
  7. I feel you. The only reason I was able to watch it was because I had a dream similar to it.
  8. What was the dream about?
  9. A baby got flattened by a car. I hated the dream, but ehn. It was just a dream.
  10. :mog: Maybe it's a sign? Have odd dreams like that all the time. Could stand for the killing of younger days, doesn't need to be anything physical.
  11. I have weird dreams. Like how my dad was cutting off my arm, myself getting eaten by a shark and just weird gruesome dreams. I wish I was normal and had dreams about girls. :downer:
  12. Had a similar dream, my mom tried to stab me or something :hmm: Try to remember that it is a dream, then take out a minigun and fuck shit up :tough:
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  13. Yeah. When my dad was cutting my arm off, I was like, "DAD, WHAT ARE YOU DOING! :wtf:"
    For some reason, I think he was a pirate. :hmm:
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  14. Woah damn, you turned black and your dad was a pirate? This dream just keeps getting worst!
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  15. It was pretty bad. :downer:
    Isn't there some myth that dreams are possibilities that might occur in the future? :hmm:
  16. It's happened for me few times. It wasn't bad though, just slight visions is all. It's possible that all of those dreams can be signs though still.
  17. I always have deja vu feelings, but I'm not sure if it's from a dream or not. I know I had a dream that happened IRL. Can't recall what it was though. Hopefully most of my dreams(nightmares) don't happen.
  18. Glad the kid is ok but I am not going to watch the video either.
  19. Eh, just be careful. Whatever happens in life happens. Life is filled with good and bad.
  20. Is it weird that I want to be in a shootout? Seems exciting.
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