A certain diva is back!!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Arrow, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. Kelly Kelly has returned like a baws!

    So sexy.. Love you Kelly! <3333
  2. think this is just one time thing?
  3. No.
  4. Fuck Kelly. She is the worst of the divas in all categories.
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  5. She's only good for fapping. Might as well quit WWE and pursue the pornographic modeling career.
  6. She'll botch your fapping
  7. Yeah, fuck my dick up.
  8. Get that skank of my TV. If I wanted to see mediocre blonde's I'd watch amateur porn.
  9. AHHHH SHIT. i reported this trash for almost no reason. Didnt see the stupid ass spoiler deal, just pms'ing because i havent gotten to watch raw and spoiler threads are already popping up.

    Either way, you go fuck yourself. :trolldance:


    Mods please move this to the Shitty slut section, aka kellykelly discussion thread please, we dont want BLFFL coming in and fapping all over for 30 posts. Jesus i hate kellykelly.
  10. Why be mad over K2's return? It's better to be warned before you get kicked in the face, it lessens the blow.
  11. Now i have to watch a 3 hour show waiting for her bullshit entrance to get over with. Its like having to take a shit really badly but that last turd just wont come out, so you just wait and hope you dont shart later on. Kelly****ly is a shart in WWE's undies.
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  13. Probably the reason she's back to be honest, some of the boys wanted a quick..........
  14. :hmm: Quick what? Glance at her no ass or almost flat chested breasts?
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