Kayfabe A chance for gold?

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    *A loud scream plays throughout the arena as Chris' theme hits as the lights go out slowly and a weird ritual sign lights up on the top of the ramp*
    Doomsdays gonna kill you, Doomsdays gonna kill you, Doomsdays gonna kill you
    *The crowds chants ring around the arena as a few hooded men circle the sign*
    *Suddenly the titantron fades into a forest however the camera is blurry and all you can see is a faint figure standing in the middle of a dark landscape*
    So turns out I've got a title match. Finally I can take something and make it my own, or at least take something that's valuable to all of you people who think the world revolve around you because all you care about is making money and getting the gold on your waist. Well I'm here to destroy people and I've even been going up against some of the more well known people in this business and destroying them because that's what I do.
    *Chris walks closer and looks up, his eyes completely black and his face emotionless*
    Vega, you're new around here right you've probably seen some of the footage of me destroying and I'm not going to stop I want to see people destroyed and you're gonna be on that ring mat begging for forgiveness with a few broken ribs and maybe a fractured jaw if I feel like it. I like to see pain on people's faces and you've got to endure a lengthy time against me so I will just throw you around and break you. Everyone seems to care what the fans think so I wonder what the people will think when you're laying on the ground with me standing high holding that title in the sky and taking what means a lot to this business and everyone involved in it.
    *The titantron fades out and the segment ends*
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