A Chance Stone Cold And HBK Could Be Returning After All?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Dec 11, 2015.

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  1. I'm probably analyzing this far too deeply, but I finally got around to skimming through Raw yesterday, and I noticed that when they showed the commercial for the Stone Cold podcast that advertised Shawn Michaels as the next guest, you can hear audio of crowd noise in the background chanting "One more match!" when they showed separate shots of Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels. Is this some kind of subtle/not-so-subtle way of telling people that Austin and/or Michaels could be returning for one final match at Wrestlemania 32 after all?

    Austin has repeatedly said that there's a 99.9% chance of never wrestling again, but that he couldn't rule out the possibility completely. HBK has consistently maintained that he'll never put on the boots again, but anyone can be susceptible to changing their minds. And Wrestlemania has always been about a mix of legends and full-time stars, and since next year's Wrestlemania is in Texas and is desperately bleeding for ANY kind of star power to help make the show iconic, I could see WWE doing everything in its power to talk them into coming back more than ever.
  2. I really want to see Austin at WrestleMania, but not HBK.
  3. That'd be awesome, but it's just wishful thinking.
  4. Agreed. I'd be content with Michaels returning and putting on one last classic match (although with Rollins and Bryan both sidelined, there's no one I can think of that I would care to see him wrestle..), but his retirement was so perfect, I'd almost prefer it if he just stayed retired.

    Austin is the main one I'd love seeing back, but unfortunately, the one opponent I'd love to see him fight - Brock Lesnar - is nothing more than a pipe dream. He'll probably end up being the Guest Host for next year's event, though.
  5. Neither of them will have another match. Both of them ended there careers at Wrestlemania, in arguably the best matches of their career, or at least in the top 5. But still money talks. If Stone Cold were to wrestle one last time it would really take Wm32 to a whole new level. Network, PPV, and Ticket sales would probably increase by a lot. HBK probably not anywhere near as close as Austin but he would probably have a better performance.

    I think they'll both be at Mania tho. Austin will probably be the host. He'll drink beers and hand out some stunners lol. HBK will probably guest referee a match or something.
  6. Another match from Austin would be huge but he was so beat up when he retired, it is very unlikely. People have accepted HBK being done and his random guest appearances are enough for fans.
  7. Well, amongst the two, Austin is the most likely to do one more match and a couple of weeks back I actually had an idea regarding the subject, where WWE could maybe use Sheamus's 5:15 angle and work on it; 5:15 vs 3:16. I know it's probably a long shot and I myself admitted that I may be just reading too much into things but hey, as dumb as it may sound, I don't see why it couldn't work as an excuse to create the scenery.

    Now granted, if Austin were to have a match on Mania 32 after all, I guess Sheamus isn't excactly the man your looking for as an opponent but I really can't see many more options. Anyhow, i do hope we get to see him once more whatever the match...
  8. Chance of either man coming back for one more match in %: 0.

    Austin's neck is shot to hell, one wrong bump and he is stone cold dead. He's not risking it. Plus his knees aren't doing that well either.

    And Shawn is afraid of getting back into wrestling full time. Shawn knows that he got out at the right time and fears that if he got back into it he'd get hooked again and ruin his legacy by becoming one of those guys that stick around for too long.
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  9. I'd say 90-95% chance. In Austin's own words, he said he could easily wrestle one final match under the right circumstances. He has stated over and over again that it's the energy and effort he'd had to put into working out, getting in shape, staying in shape, and especially the fear of having to get all that adrenaline and rush of being back in the ring out of his system all over again afterwards that's keeping him from coming back.
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